Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Three words - The Cat Empire.

If you've never heard of them, seriously, go check 'em out. Here is one of their best songs:

In other news, RDJ has been out and about with his wife:


And for news relating to my life:
Ermmm...I raving to the new Dizzee Rascal track called 'Bonkers'. Stupid title but fantastic song.
I didn't get screwed at for not learning my Drama lines back to front, inside out.
I have 2 essays to redraft this evening - YUK.

Post later maybe, depends if anything good happens.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm getting Tropic Thunder tomorrow evening and I'm SO excited right now, I can't wait.

Mum said she wants to take Kiss Kiss Bang Bang back to the library, but I'll see if I can convince her to let me keep it longer.

I think I'll go make some dinner, I'm going to see the A2 performances tonight.


How on Earth is it Monday already?
Seriously, what happened there?

Ergh, today is going to be terrible.

Double Drama first and we have to a full run through but I don't really know my lines yet and it's all going to be generally very bad. I have tried to learn them, I really have but there are so many and they are really difficult to learn and whaaaaaa I'm giving it my best shot but it's not paying off.

Double English in the afternoon. 2 words - Thomas Hardy. For 2 hours. Come on, what the hell where you thinking exam board? Blah blah blah my wife was a bitch blah blah oh no she's dead blah blah oh I loved her really blah blah blah pointless, pointless poems that are all the same!

Then I get to come home, but I have to go back at like 5 to watch the A2 performances in the evening.

I want to sleeeeeeeeep.

Sunday, March 29, 2009




Don't you just love it when you find a new outfit out of clothes you already have?

I am now wearing:

Black and white VANS hi-tops,
Black jeans,
White plain t-shirt,
Light blue shirt,
And my cream hat.


I'm off for rehearsals at Becca's and then dinner with the family.
I feel very celebritised. If that's even a word.
I'm expecting the paps outside Pizza Express tonight for candids.

Welcome to the blogging world mother!

She is here. She's talking to me about having a professional life as well as her home one.


Anyway, today I have done nothing except watch No Country for Old Men and Iron Man, edit my Death of a Salesman essay and drink coffee. Which I suppose isn't all bad.

Soon I shall have to get ready to go for rehearsals at Becca McMillin's house. I haven't learnt my lines yet. Hmm.
I'll do that in an hour; I pretty much know the whole of Act One. Act Two is another story, and is taking forever to learn, but I'll get it done before tomorrow. We have another full run through. This one will go right though, I'm determined.


Is the question I'm going to live my life by from now on.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

So much for the lavish breakfast. I had a plain leftover tortilla wrap, some fruit cocktail and 2 bananas.

I went to town, and after spending ages in Waterstones I couldn't find what I was looking for, and instead I've decided to read one of my dad's books, which is apparently really good (see about me).

I went into HMV for headphones, and went over to the DVD section and saw that they had the Iron Man 2 Disc Special Edition for £25. After a slight mental debate, I decided to get it as 'a reward for all my hard work last week'. I took it up to the counter after getting some more money, and along with my new headphones, plopped them in front of the guy at the till, who picked up the DVD and ran off.

I stood there for about 3 minutes, which at the time felt a lot longer, and eventually he came back, with the same DVD with a big sticker saying SALE: £12. I was thrilled. It saved me loadsa money and I was able to go get a BLT sandwhich and a smoothie in M&S.

I went to my mum's friend's house to feed their cat Mavroula, who seemed pleased to see me. I bloody hope I managed to get the cat feeder working right. I had to get a personal item in Boots after that, and as per usual, when it comes to buying personal things I got incredibly paranoid that people were staring at me, so I ended up getting a bag of Mars Planets, a Twix bar (which I gave to mum) and a Kinder Bueno, to try and cover it up.

I came home and I've been slacking ever since.

Primeval season three starts tonight! Aahahaha I'm so excited! Robin Hood starts of BBC1, but I can watch that on iPlayer. I'm watching No Country for Old Men tonight with my parents after that, then I'll watch my new Iron Man. It's gonna be a loooong night.

Friday, March 27, 2009

This is the proper post for today (Friday).

So yeah, I've had a glass of wine and a bath and chicken tortilla wraps for dinner and I'm in generally quite a good mood. Which is a nice change from the normal arrgh-why-no-effort-stress-stress thing that's been going on recently.

I was at school for period one, which never happens on a Friday, for Childrens Hour rehearsals. We went over the second music to movement piece, and it just needs a little bit of fine tuning. We had our theatre review controlled coursework in Drama after that, and although I don't think mine was great, I handed it in at exactly 1000 words.

It turned out that apparently a pipe had burst or some shit like that so Beaumont closed after break.
Great news for everyone except me, who had to get on the minibus to the very open Sandringham to get my coursework done. I was very late, but got straight to work and edited away through lunch. Rosie and Alex turned up, and eventually at 2:45ish, I was all done, and I walked home. Exhausted but relieved that it's all over.

I got home and I've generally been slobbing for the last couple of hours. I think I'll watch a movie and go to bed, hopefully I'll get a lovely long lie in tomorrow morning.

It's the end of hell week!

I don't think I've ever been this tired in my life, in fact I think I'll go for a bath and relax and generally try and chill out a bit.

I have work to do this weeked, namely redraft my Death of a Salesman essay and write the first draft of my Media evaluation - ergh. It can wait.

Tomorrow is for sleeping, then a lavish breakfast, then shopping, then Primeval Series 3 begins in the evening!


I'll probably blog more later. You know what I'm like.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok. I feel as though I need to blog in order to get all the things that I need to do tomorrow out and in the clear.
I'm kinda panicking about a lot of it, I can't wait to get home and sleep.

  • Drama rehearsal for The Childrens Hour first thing.
  • Theatre Review controlled coursework.
  • Minibus to Sandringham.
  • Heroes double lesson.
  • Media coursework surgery - finishing the trailer, and completing all coursework.

On Saturday I think I'll go to town and get some new headphones and see if I can get a new book in Waterstones. Of course, I'll tell you what I get.

I'm nervous and I can't really work out why; I've been pretending all this time that I have everything under control and I really, truly don't.

I'm back from school and I am absolutely knackered.

I was a Sandringham from half 8 till 12:15 ish, finishing (YES, FINISHING!) my Media print work.
I need to do a final check of them tomorrow, for text errors, colours, borders, continuity etc, but I'm pretty much there and I'm so bloody thankful for it.

I just need to get my bit of the trailer sorted out, but to be honest, as I've said before, I'm past the point of caring what happens there. Also, Mr Allison said my portfolio was looking excellent, so I'm vair vair pleased. He said I shouldn't try and fill every single page, so that's lucky as I was desperatly trying to think of things to put in it.

Tomorrow we have a Heroes lesson, so I need to get some work done for that. Bah. I'll do it later, I'm so so tired right now.

Last night I was up til 1 in the morning, and I decided to watch the film 'Chaplin' with RDJ as...well...Charlie Chaplin of course. He is so amazing in it, and it's on youtube, so go check it out!

Thanks Maari for coming to see TYC, and I'm glad you had a good time. In case you are interested in a random bit of news, I totally stole my shirt from the performance. I love my man shirt. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ok. Today I did some Media work but not what I was planning to do.

I waited for 40 minutes for Rosie and Alex and they didn't show up until the end of my Drama rehearsal, nearly 2 hours later. Hmpf. I can't really be angry at them because I know it's not really their fault, but I would have liked that extra hour anyway.

Instead I printed off my drafts and stuck them in my portfolio, and when I got home I drew my storyboards and wrote up the location information, and stuck that lot in the portfolio. I just finished drawing up my page layout designs for the print, and yes, I stuck those in the portfolio as well.

I'm proud of my portfolio, but I have this sinking feeling my teacher might think it's too vague.


Tomorrow is going to be hectic.

I have a question.


Seriously? This is ridiculous. I am not happy. I want to do well in Media but my grade is being thrown out of the window due to a lack of organisation and also Adobe computer programmes.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm sorry, could I be any more jealous of this man?
(He's the director of Iron Man 2. He gets to spend his time with RDJ. Whynotme? Whaaaa!)


Much Ado About Nothing - The Second Night Write Up.

Tonight was better than last night. We made so many more mistakes, forgetting or fumbling lines, but it really didn't matter because I think we all had fun. I felt more confident going on stage than I did yesterday, which was probably a bad thing as I didn't feel the need to be completely in the character as it were, but I'd rather go out and have fun than go out and concentrate as hard as I can on the play, lines etc.

I was not prepared for it to start, so when the music began I literally pegged it onto the stage, which I guess was pretty bad. Before going on with Gemma and Caitlin, we had just run round the entire building in order to get to our entrance place. I fluffed the 'So she says' line or whatever it was again, but whatever.

Backstage was hilarious, there was such a good vibe it was weird to think that yesterday we were all completely bricking it. I was anyway. No one seemed to care what happened, which I guess you could say was a bad thing, but simply being backstage with a group of people who were all in the same boat as you, and who you get along with, was just a great feeling. Wow, that was cheesey.

Before I go headfirst into more Media work (ackkkk) here are some of the better pictures from backstage, and by the way, that's gel and spray in my hair, not grease. Just so you know.






Laura McFall, our oh so patient director - Thanks for everything and best wishes for the future!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing - The First Night Write Up.

So Liz and I arrived, and went straight round the back for costume and makeup. After applying heavy amounts of eyeliner etc. before I showed up, I had Laura draw 'sideburns' on my face, and I also decided to do a Tony Stark trademark beard thing. I thought it would look jazzy. It was sort of a tribute to Robert Downey, Jr. I kinda wanted the luck, you know? Everyone looked really cool and I felt surprising confident after the full dress rehearsal. I ended up adding more gel to my hair, as well as hair spray, white hair colouring and glitter spray. My hair was pretty much rock hard, but I was liking the look to be honest.

Time went quickly, and soon they had opened the doors and people where piling in. We had a pretty full audience, which worried me. I was bricking it before I went on. It went alright, up until I fucked up the like 'So she says as she is beginning to write to him', and I started making weird 'Shh' noises like you do when trying to do that 'she sells sea shells' tongue twister. Bah. Liz and I ended up having to improvise pretty much an entire scene as I said a whole paragraph in the wrong place, but I think we did okay there.

We were talking to Arella/Orella/??? offstage, and Camilla said 'line' and she had no idea where she was which made us feel terrible. But to be honest, Camilla should have learnt her lines, so...

Matt and the Watch were pretty shabby. I think at one point he actually gave up on his lines, but from what my Dad said to me afterwards, it seemed as though they were just reading the lines as words; they didn't know what they were actually saying.

There were some awkward moments of silence, and the music was wayyyy to loud, even my Dad said so. I mean, it's not as if we were protesting all of Sunday, and during the run through that you can't hear anything people are saying. Oh, wait...

By the end, I was quite desperate to get home. I didn't really want to hang around, and although I do appreciate people coming to see it, I'm not the sort of person who waits around and mingles with the croud after a performance, I just want to get home and shower. Especially this week. It's half eleven at night and I'm considering starting more Media work.

Anyway, here are three pictures from backstage, one of Liz and me, one of Liz, Laura and me in the mirror and one of me and Caitlin. Hopefully I'll get more tomorrow.




Ok, I'm going for a shower, then I'll make a sandwhich or something, and pack my costume - and go to Trestle.

I seriously think I might cry.
Good God.

I'm wishing for a miracle right here.
Quick post to say - if you're planning on coming to TYC tonight, don't.


I have so much work to do now - aarghh!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

You know, I don't think there are actually words to describe how bad Much Ado is going to be.

The first half is alright, but it goes seriously downhill during the second. I mean, most of us know our lines, it's just we don't know our cues, and the music is too loud because Phil won't turn it down.

Phil, who was in a seriously bad mood today. He gave me a whole lecture on how I have to deliver my line wright or he won't know when to change the lights.

I said - Make room brother, the revellers are entering.

He said that it was completely wrong and I should have said - The revellers are entering brother, make good the room.

Could he seriously not just work it out? Jesus.

And the lights are too bright and they make people's eyes hurt and the parachute on the floor looks seriously tacky and it's all a complete mess.

Apparently Anna (who gave a report to The Review that was nothing about our play, didn't tell us our rehearsal was cancelled the other week and forgot to order masks) said to someone else that it just looked like we were reading off the scripts. ARGH SHUTTUP!


Is what life is about.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Alright, so I just sat on the veranda and went through the Much Ado script. For the first time I actually attempted to learn my lines. I have, but not to the extent that I'm confident with it.

So I'm going to leave it for a while, and have a bath, before looking through it again and seeing how much I can remember. Then I'll go to Wongs and get fish and chips for tea, and look at it again after that. Then I'll go to bed.

Tomorrow, maybe I'll look at it tomorrow before TYC rehearsals. If I have time. Then I'll try and do TYC without it for the first time.


In other news, today I went shopping with my Mum and I bought (well she bought, technically) a pair of denim shorts, a new pair of jeans, a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt, some undercrackers, ermmmm I think that's it. Yeah. And a lovely sandwhich from M&S.


Friday, March 20, 2009

I am officially the new Bill Oddie.

I got home from school, and I came round the back of the house and Dark Star (the cat) was sitting on the grass, so I went over to say hello, and she bounced around, went behind me and started sniffing the grass. Or so I thought. When she moved, there was a teeny tiny little field mouse shaking underneath her!

I picked Star up and put her in the living room, and then took these pictures of the mouse:




The poor little guy was crapping himself. Literally. All over my hand.

I put him under a bush and I hope he's all cool now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It will suffice until RDJ gets here.

This is a whinge post.

I really, really hate Thursdays. I mean, I REALLY hate them.

I have to go all the way to Sandringham for an hour today, to sit in a room and do nothing. Then I have to come back to Beaumont and do a drama rehearsal. Then I have to go back to Sandringham for another hour. Then I have to walk all the way back to Beaumont, to do photos for Media. Then I have a drama rehearsal for TYC during lunch.

And only then, after all that crap, do I get to come home and sleep.

It's only just struck me how unfair it is that we as human beings have to slave away all week and what do we get as a reward? TWO DAYS of sitting around. One of which (for us anyway) has to be spent doing heaps of coursework, and the other is the only day you can go shopping.


I really want an RDJ.
Like, now plz.

Thanks. ♥

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ok, so I've just been watching Iron Man (again) and I think that I've decided I want this house more than anything.

It's run by a computer called JARVIS and it talks to you and everything is touch sensitive and the clocks, television etc. all come up on the windows and it's generally very awesome. Not to mention the supercool workshop underground. And the fact he has an Audi R8, which is the car I am in love with.



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This post is just because this is an awesome piece of script, brilliantly delivered by Robert Downey Jr in 'Charlie Bartlett'.

Basically RDJ's character is a principal who has just been fired, and he is standing on his balcony thing, drunk, holding a handgun and occasionally shooting it at the toy boat in his pool. The character of Charlie (who was the main reason RDJ was fired), just invited him to the school play, and is with him on the balcony.

RDJ: Ohh, this better be good Charles.
Charlie: Um...I came to invite you to the play.
RDJ: Well thank you for that, but I am just a little bit tied up right now.
Charlie: What are you doing?
RDJ: Venting. Just venting a little bit.
Charlie: Is that you're new 'word of the day'?
RDJ: Here shit is. (fires his gun at the boat) Word of the day, venting. Explanation, it's kind of how I deal with my little life's frustrations. I vent. As in to vent, original derivation from latin exventaray. (fires gun again)
Charlie: Jesus!
RDJ: Everybody needs to vent a little now and again, don't you figure. Some of us are privileged enough to vent to you in the boys room stall and the rest of us just have to settle for less conventional methods like, I dunno, a bottle of booze and a handgun. (he fires his gun accidentally, and Charlie covers his ears and shouts in fear) God, I'm sorry. I'm not putting you on edge with my behaviour am I?
Charlie: That's alright. Um...Maybe you could put the gun down...(he stands)
RDJ: Park it, chuck. (Charlie sits) Because you're not aware of this, I'm entirely displeased with you right now. I was racking my brain to figure out why and I think it's because you've taken everything from me, why did you do that? D'you have anything enlightening to say to me now 'coz if you do, I'd appreciate if you spit it out.
Charlie: I don't know.
RDJ: Maybe some of that post pubescent psycho babble. Maybe a little pearl wisdom.
Charlie: I don't know what to say to you. I don't know how to help you. I really want to.
RDJ: (shouting) Come on doctor, what've you got for me?!
Charlie: I don't know...I don't know what you want from me-
RDJ: - I don't need you to say anything to me and I don't need you to save me. (fires gun at the boat)
Charlie: Alright then what am I supposed to do in this situation? I'm just a kid. I'm just a stupid kid.
RDJ: Stop the fuckin' presses, run that by me again. You're a what?
Charlie: I'm just a kid.
RDJ: I get it. It's tough, I was a kid once too.
Charlie: (groaning) Fuck.
(Charlie puts his head in his hands. RDJ puts the gun to the side of his head in despair and turns around.)
RDJ: (whispering to himself) ...don't care what happens...
(He lifts his arm up in an arc, and Charlie thinks he is going to shoot himself.)
Charlie: NO!
RDJ: What are you-
(RDJ spins round and hits Charlie with his arm. Charlie falls of the balcony and knocks himself unconcious on the diving board, falling into the water and sinking to the bottom of the pool. RDJ dives in and pulls him to the surface.)

I am so glad today is finished. It was a bloody mission to get today over and done with. I am knackered.

Drama was the most embarrassing thing I might ever have done. None of us knew our lines and we stood around on stage and shouted 'line' and went off the wrong sides of the stage and bored the whole flippin' audience and then Mrs Rowlands went crazy and actually shouted (like a proper yell) when Ali started arguing with her.

To be honest, I do understand that we are partly to blame, but to tell us the day before that we have a full run through to perform, when we haven't even finished blocking the damn script? Frankly ridiculous.

In other news, true to my word, I think today I ate my body weight in hobnobs.

Now I am going to chill out. Maybe a bath. The boys are out at training tonight so I have the house to myself for a bit. Maybe I'll watch Iron Man again.

Whatever, I'm shattered.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I don't think I have ever wanted a pair of shoes more than right now.


I don't care that they are men's.

I care that you can't change the colour!
Why lord? Why?
This is because Rachel told me to:

Tonight at TYC our 'group leader' told us we were the reason she was leaving and that we had failed her.
So here is a song called 'War' by Edwin Starr, including the lyrics:
War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

I'm just going to make a point here that I still think Milo Ventimiglia is fucking gorgeous.

Just that RDJ is currently at the top of my idolisation pyramid at the moment.

And to show no hard feelings, here are my boys in blue. Or in this case, black.
The lads who are Carlisle United FC:

Ok, this is a proper post. None of this pathetic 3 or 4 line rubbish which has been going on.

I'm slightly dying of the ARRGHHH! factor.

I have 2 scripts to learn, one is Much Ado About Nothing for next week,
and 1 is The Children's Hour for our A Level performance.

At this moment now, I have to learn all my Children's Hour script for a full run through tomorrow, because Mrs Rowlands crumbled under the pressure of Sheps' glare and announced that there was a deadline of Easter to have learnt all our lines. Bullshit yeah?
So I'm currently trying to learn both as I can't decide which is more important.

Also, I'm running out of time to get Media work done, and I haven't done any photography, editing or writing.

And, as the cherry on top of the cake, one of my English teachers has left on dubious 'sick leave' until the Easter holidays. And she's got our Death of a Salesman essays, and is the only teacher who does Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

On the plus side - New layout on here!

I'm off to early Much Ado rehearsals, laterz.
Hello all, I think you'll find you are now reading the blog of:

Captain Jane Jardine of the Gato Club.

est. Monday, English Lessons 6+7, 16.3.09.

Just because.

Now I want hobnobs. I want to see if I can eat it in one go.

Sunday, March 15, 2009




Saturday, March 14, 2009

LMFAO is all I can say.

Maddy's Birthday Party Video:




Friday, March 13, 2009

I just watched the Red Nose Day Kilimanjaro Climb on iPlayer, and wowee, I'm so inspired.

Super lolz at Gary Barlow, Ronan Keating and Chris Moyles - the best things to come out of GB since jaffa cakes.

I'm going to the theatre in London tonight, to see 'On The Waterfront'.

laterz potaterz.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ok, this is another RDJ post, but stick with me.


He's got the whole Springsteen/Morrison thing going on.
Plus, he's damn fine.

I know I've already posted today, but I'm home from school and I just watched the most adorable interview with Robert Downey Jr.

This is essentially a mindless, pointless, fangirl post.

I grinned like a fool when he started the interview with this:



Ok, so I'm at school, in the study area in the common room, and I should be doing the heaps of Media work I need to redo as the wonderful people in the Sandringham IT department decided to give me a Sandringham login. By doing so, I have lost ALL the work I have done so far, and I need to get it all finished. Sharpish.


Mickey Rourke has been signed on to play Crimson Dynamo in IRON MAN 2!!

This is awesome news, as I am already uber uber excited about this movie :)
However, it's not all good.

Scarlett Johansson has replaced Emily Blunt as Black Widow.

I'm not hapz. Bah.

But I'll try to look on the bright side: Mickey Rourke, Samuel L Jackson and the king of cool that is MR ROBERT DOWNEY JR all in one film? YESMATE. It's going to be good.

It's been a week since the order went to Hong Kong, and I haven't heard anything from Mr Computer yet.
I'll keep you posted as things develop.

Now I have Media work to do. Laters y'all.

Mmm...visions of RDJ in my head....NOW WORK!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Maddy's Birthday today!


Friday, March 6, 2009


After several weeks spent traipsing around numerous computer dealers etc. I have hopefully found somewhere that is willing to fix my beloved laptop.

I went to Computer Wizard (and was treated rudely and vowed never ever to go in there again), had a man named Ken come and look at it, I took it to EBS Computers (who spent a week on it and did nowt), and finally I took it to Mr Computer in town, near the station.

He took it apart, and as impressed as I am about the quickness of his responses to the problem and his helpful calls about how he is doing etc. There is something about him I don't trust.

However, he found out what the problem was. Basically there is a fault with many many HP laptops and their graphics cards, and that is what ONE of the problems was with mine. It seems as though the card problem was triggered sooner rather than later by a build up of dust on my cooler fan, which sucks up dust when I am using it in bed.

My entire motherboard needs replacing, which at first look was going to cost £450+.
Mr Computer said they could get me one for £300+ which is at least £100 cheaper.

I said yes, and my new motherboard has been ordered from Hong Kong no less, and should be arriving in the next few weeks. He did order it off eBay though, which concerned me...but if he knows what he's doing then...I guess it's okay...

Anyhoo, I should be back in internet land in a few weeks.


TYC's Much Ado About Nothing.
Basically I have learnt none of my lines and they are supposed to all be learnt by Sunday.
HAHAHA fat chance. It's in like 3 weeks. I would say I'm fucked.


I got the best peice of work ever ever ever in Media today.
Our task is to create a new character for Heroes, storyboard and script their entrance to the show, design web pages and magazine articles etc.

I swear I nearly wet myself a little bit when she told us. I was that excited.

We are supposed to be in groups of 3, but my Media teacher said she believed I am competent enough to do the whole thing by myself, which is fucking immense. She said she had no doubt that I was going to get an A, and I am suprisingly REALLY excited about the whole thing, exams and all. Which is a little freaky.


In Drama Maddy and I are doing a duologue for the exam together.
We have chosen to do a scene from The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, in which Satan (Maddy) confronts Judas (Me) in a bar.
It's funny and quick and weird and annoyingly excellent which makes it really hard to cut down as we only have 4 minutes to perform it. Which, as it turns out, is no time at all.



My. God.

Immense. Seriously. Immense.

Peter looks frikkin' gorgeous (good to see Milo is working his bangs again this season), Nathan looks wonderful (it seems Adrian has also chosen to give Nathan a hair re-working), Matt is super tanned, Sylar looks INCREDIBLE, and it's all generally fabulous in the land of sexymen.

Unfortunately on Monday, I decided to mention in school that Daphne is my favourite female character. Stupid of me, really, as that evening the writers decided to have her shot (apparently) dead.


But yes, I am thrilled it's back and loving it more than ever.

Although, there is talk of it being cancelled as the audience reception over in the US of A is not great. Greg Grunberg (who plays Matt) said on Twitter that the show is not going to be cancelled, and Grunny is one supercool dude, and I trust his words.

If America can make the fantastic choice to elect President Obama, then surely it's not past them to save a truly fantastic show?!
We live in hope.


This blog will be getting a serious makeover when my laptop returns.
Watch out for it yes?


See you all soon.