Thursday, October 29, 2009

I was walking back from Rachel's last night, and I'd just turned down Colney Heath Lane and I saw up ahead of me an old person. I wasn't sure if it was a man or a woman (because of the dark and the fact they were wrapped up against the cold). Anyway, I was walking along at a pretty brisk pace because I was listening to music and I wanted to get home quickly because I knew I might be a bit late for dinner.

I was wearing boots which make a clicky noise on the ground, and they were obviously echoing down the empty street, and as I slowly got closer to this person, they began to walk faster too. They were walking exactly the same way as me, turning down my street in the end, and as I walked behind, minding my own business and enjoying some Kasabian or whatever they burst into a brief jog. They stopped jogging, but remained at a faster pace than before a way ahead of me.

And then a thought struck me. Did they think I was following them? This continued all the way home. I'd keep walking at my pace, and the elderly person would break into short jogs when they realised I was getting closer.

I realise I may have sounded a bit ominous, in the dark with my shoes clacking on the empty pavement - but I felt even worse for this old person. I mean, it suddenly became horribly obvious to me the effect we have on other people nowadays. I get freaked out when I walk home and I see people standing up ahead of me, or walking behind me, especially in the dark. I don't know what else to say really, other than what an unfriendly environment we now live in, where people's fight or flight response kicks in on an empty street at 6:15 on a Wednesday evening.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yesterday, Mother and I did some lovely Mummsie-Daughter baking. Here are the results.
Mother did sponge etc. and icing mixing and I picked the icing colours and smearing onto the cakes and also decoration. They taste lush and tough titties because you can't have any.

Tomorrow, I'm making a lemon sponge and butter cream TARDIS cake. Fo' real, get jiggy jiggy.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Right now, it's 10:06 on Saturday morning. Don't ask me why I'm awake, I don't know. It's half term though, so yay. Although I do have a Kilimanjaro sized amount of work to get through in the next week - thank you so much teachers! It's probably the result of having 2 teachers for all my subjects, I think they see it as an excuse to set us loads more work. This is my list:

- English Lit. - Coursework Re-takes (Othello and Death of a Salesman).
- English Lit. - Essay on the Gothic Theme (Comparing Dracula and Macbeth).
- English Lit. - Quotation sheet on Macbeth (One for Macbeth and one for the Witches).
- English Lit. - Read Frankenstein.
- Drama - Twelfth Night Act 4 Comic Strip.
- Drama - Answering four questions on Lysistrata.
- Media - Coursework Essay First Draft.
- Media - Continuation and Development of Practical Production.

So you see, a busy week ahead of me.

The majority of last week was pants.

The Tension Cake Bakery went all out on mass production in Drama, lovely Sticky Buns of Stress as well as Pain au Chocolats of Procrastination and Argumental Almond Slices. A delicious combination. Mhhmmm.

English was an interesting experience last week, for numerous different reasons. Mickey made chocolate krispies out of melted Mars Bar. They were a-meh-zen.

And Media was interesting, seeing as our teacher wasn't even there yesterday so I spent 2 hours sitting at a computer. Not doing much at all. Sandringham have juiced their proxy system so now I can't get onto LJ or anything. I couldn't even get onto the Empire site, or Wiki. Bah.

However, I finished Season Seven of Buffy, which means I have no more to watch. Which is vair sad, as it is immense. Now I have to finish Season 2 of Heroes before Tuesday, and then I can start watching Season One of Bones. It is a boxset bonanza.

Goodbye for now, from your natural raconteur, who still doesn't have those boots.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Holy Crapcakes.
I want I want I want. kasfhaoiuhlakJLjwe. Omgomgomgomg.

I'm supposed to be focusing on school work but now I can't stop thinking about these sexy beasts.


Too bad they're like, £175. Does anyone love me very much?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time for a catch-up post, methinks.

The last couple of weeks have been quite time-consuming. And when I say that, I mean, when I've not been at school I've been at home in my room watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 'Ha, you loser!' you may cry, but alas, my friends, I've been having a blast and it is very comforting to know I can just unwind after a day at school with a snack and some soon-to-be-dust Vampires and lovely Spike action.

Okay, so Drama is a bit of both the last few weeks. I mean, Twelfth Night is great and all, but the fact we have to perform our scenes on Tuesday and we haven't even done extra rehearsals and we barely have a concept is causing me to have major panics. Fridays are cool, our (well, Laura's really) 'Runway Three' performance was brilliant, as she said, it was nice being in the keeno group for once. Lysistrata is cool, and we have some design work to do for Monday (I'm doing sound and costume designs) to 'highlight feminism in Lysistrata' or something like that. I don't have a group though, so Lord knows what I'll do this Monday.

English is fab. Macbeth is, anyway. I actually look forward to those lessons, with cakes and Macbeth-related videos obviously created in 90's. The other week, we watched one with Rhys Ifans in a garish jeans and more jeans combo which made him look like a plonk, and the rest of us laugh. Also lessons are good with the cakes. Acting out being witches around an absent cauldron and chanting - 'Hooblay, Booblay, Toil and Troublay, Fire Burn and Cauldron Booblay' - was definately the highlight of this last week. Also with the cakes.

The only issue is really with Media. Which is irritating. The fact we only have 4 hours a week of face-time with our teachers, 3 of which are theory hours means that we only have 1 hour for practical production. I have to get my first draft in by Friday, and I don't have any photos to put on the page, and even if I did it wouldn't matter because I don't know for the life of me how to manipulate photos on Photoshop anyway, never mind InDesign. So right now, I'm trying to download the 30-day free trials in order to teach myself how to use the programmes when the time comes.

Next week is going to be busy busy, what with Spike/Giles Night on Tuesday, the Talent Show on Wednesday and a possible trip to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus on Monday.

That's basically what's been happening with life and all. I'll lead you out with pointless quotes and in-jokes.

'ATTRACTIVE *does 360 spin*'
'Made hasty toilet, and left.'
'If I'd known you were coming, I'd have baked a cake.'
'He could pull a bunny out of a hat.' 'Why would you do that?!'

Also, Kwitties together! Yay! Joy! Hallelujah!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No blogs for a while because I've been spending all my free time watching Buffy.

Also today, I bought lots of moisturiser and face products in order to have, erm, softer skin? and, er, an exfoliated face? All that stuff. Anyway I feel like someone just sneezed on my body, in a lovely, softening way.

On the bus we sat at the top (double decker) and there were loads of chavs and someone had done a vom on the back seats where unfortunately we sat until the chav girl who wasn't laughing like someone with WKD instead of blood like the others told us and we moved. Eurch. We were vom-free however, so that's good.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photobucket Photobucket

I don't think there is anything left to say.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I have not blogged for a while, eh?

If I'm honest, I'll say that I don't actually know why. I mean, it's not like I'm doing anything productive of late.

I'm on Season Five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and enjoying it very much. Sad Spike is saddening (or perhaps depressing is a better term) because we all know that we would totally pounce on him in a second if we had the choice and why can't Buffy see it yet? I mean, it's not like Riley is badass and has blonde hair and wears lots of black and generally has an air of supreme coolness about him, he is, as Spike pointed out - Captain Cardboard.

Anyway 'tis all merry in the land of Buffy, and also Heroes, which I am getting back into as I gradually ease my way back into Season Two. The season which turned many people off the show, because Maya is so freakin' irritating and what the hell is Peter doing in Ireland with a bunch of blokes with crap accents? Things are on the up and up though, Nathan finally shaved off his fugly hobo beard.

Ruddles went missing the other night, to cut a long story short - he vanished, wasn't in the oven, everyone freaked out and then he came in covered in poop or something. But he's back, which is the important thing. He had everyone worried for a moment back then. Good thing we don't panic in a crisis.

It wasn't quite how I'd envisioned spending my Monday night; my hands clamped round a squirming kitten's forearms and head whilst Mother holds his torso and legs and Father wipes shit off his faloola with an old wet wipe. Hmm.

So I've taken to locking myself away in my bedroom (which is slowly getting tidier-wahay) because frankly I've gotten sick of standing downstairs with a certain Father who, and I've noticed lately, looks at me like I'm an idiot and should know the 'obvious' thing to be doing. The 'obvious' thing, which is never the 'obvious' thing, believe me. Anyway, I'm tired of being the one who stands silently in the corner of the kitchen whilst he storms around doing everything like no one else has ever had a really tough time because honestly, I have and I think if you knew quite the extent of it someone wouldn't speak to me as if my questions are ridiculous and a toddler would know the answer because it's so bloody OBVIOUS *breathes* even though I'm standing RIGHT HERE willing to HELP. Also - why am I always the one who has to start the conversation? And even then I don't get a constructive answer, just a grunted 'yes', 'no' or 'I suppose'. Just ask how my day was, or if there are any good films out or SOMETHING, I don't know. It's not my job to be quiz master for all eternity.

Okay - that was weird. Serious non-stop typing straight from the old noggin there.

Hospital, Lady in Black and possibly Doctor Parnassus all next week, whoop de wait for it doop.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

and this Photobucket and a pub lunch tomorrow = wonderful distractions.