Thursday, March 31, 2011

Combining two things in one here.

Cor blimey. I literally flailed when I saw this yesterday. I don't think I've ever been more excited for a new series. Laura and I have many theories as to what will happen vis a vis River, my favourite being that she's actually the Master. That would be amazing.

Anyway, loads of stuff in there to look forward to, especially Toby Whithouse's The God Complex which I really hope will be an incredible episode and be one of those that really sticks out in the mind of Doctor Who fan. It's going to be epic and I can't wait.

Also, my graphics tablet finally arrived, so I thought I'd celebrate by whipping together a rough little doodle of Eleven, because that's how I roll.

Oh, and I've confirmed my place at UC Falmouth, so that's where I'll be living for the next 3 years in case anyone wanted to know.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I had a very strange dream last night.

I was in a hotel room with Daniel Craig who happened to be completely naked. I said "Daniel, please put some pants on." We got on a plane. Mr Craig had settled for just wrapping a bedsheet around himself like a muscled adonis. Anyway we ended up on some random Mediterranean island, on a white sand beach. There was a desk and a chair up ahead of us and Judi Dench was there but as per usual was playing the part of M. Mr Craig had taken his bedsheet off because of the heat and she rolled her eyes and said "Bond, please put some pants on." Then I looked into the sea and there was a girl on a surfboard who hadn't noticed a large and rather vicious looking shark swimming underneath her. I yelled "SHARK" and she freaked and started to swim away, at which point I noticed she was half girl, half seal. Anyway the shark was chasing her and I was running next to her on land, telling her to keep going. It was at this point I thought it would be a good idea to find a stick or something so that I could pull her along as she wasn't going fast enough and was only getting slower. Even in my dreams I vastly over-estimate my athletic prowess. I paused the shark/seal girl chase, so they wouldn't go anywhere and tried to climb up a big white brick wall, until I found a dog chained to a post. I unchained the animal, took the lead and went back to the seal girl. I thought for a moment whether it would be better if I were to just shoot the shark, but A, it would be absolutely wrong of me to shoot an animal that was only doing what it was created to do, and B, I didn't have a gun. So I clambered back down the wall with the dog lead and was about to re-start the shark/seal girl chase and save the latter creature when Mr Craig appeared again with no clothes on so I shrugged my shoulders and thought 'sod it'.

Then I woke up.

I don't know what this says about my priorities, or whether it's wise for me to watch a James Bond film before bed. Oh well. Just thought you'd be interested.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I've just ordered a graphics tablet. I've been meaning to do it for ages, but only just got round to actually sitting down and selecting one. Anyway, I'm hoping it might help to snazz this blog up a bit as I feel it's lacking in oomph.

I think I have developed trench foot. Or rather, as close to trench foot as I can get without coming into contact with liquids or dirt or mites. Anyway, my feet are absolutely killing me because I've been working solidly for the last three days (this is not a complaint, it's been really good fun) but somehow I've managed to do more harm to myself in those three days than in the whole year so far.

I've cut myself, burnt my fingers, bruised my arm on the coffee machine, been kicked accidentally, punched accidentally, burnt my tongue, damaged my cuticles, broken many a nail, cut my lip and fallen over rather spectacularly after slipping on the wet floor, thankfully when we'd already closed up.

In other news (news that makes me feel a whole lot better about life) the powers that be have released the full length Captain America: The First Avenger trailer, and with it came three little words that I've already told Joe made me explode a little with excitement: "Now Mr Stark".

1.12. I'll say no more.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh poor, neglected blog. What have I done? You did nothing to deserve this abandoning I have left you to suffer. I do love you, very much. Just sometimes other things get in the way, you know?

Anyway, today I went to town with Laura and spent £13 on Iron Man 2 related things. HMV finally reduced their 2 disc version to £12, so I pounced, and I'm also currently listening to John Debney's FANTASTIC score that I borrowed from the library for a single pound. This is like a total repeat of last year where I essentially spent all my time either watching Iron Man, reading the comics, gushing over RDJ and covering my walls in posters and cut-outs from magazines. I did also buy Blade Runner for £4 because (before I say it, I know, it's shameful) I've never actually seen it the whole way through.

Can I also advise people to go out and get their hands on anything by The Vaccines. Dad sent me an email last week in which he quoted NME's review of them as 'just a bunch of pricks'. I disagree. NME have still decided to include them on their awards tour for 2011, which is a bit hypocritical of them. Their songs are excellent, especially Family Friend and Norgaard, and guitarist Freddie Cowan is the younger brother of Tom Cowan, or Tomethy Furse, from The Horrors - another of my favourite bands.

Norgaard by The Vaccines

Count In Fives by The Horrors

Doctor Who comes back very soon, and Matt Smith has apparently signed on for S7, which is some of the best news I've heard in a while. Though Laura and I have predicted he'll only stay on for three seasons. But that's a long way away and we still have S6 to enjoy first.

I have maths tomorrow (my multiplication grid time is down to approx. 3 mins 30 secs each time now, which is excellent seeing as before it was over 6 minutes). I have work at some point, though I definitley have the early shift again on Saturday, which means I'll be opening the shop for the first time by myself. I'll get there for 6am just to give me a couple of extra minutes in case of problems. This is worrying. I hope my boss comes in because I don't want to spend all day there. I'm not prepared enough for that yet. Plus, I'm not the deputy manager, just a Saturday girl, remember? Remember head office? A Saturday girl. Bumsy.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Photobucket Photobucket

I'm back from Whitstable. I had a pretty good time, especially the bowling under the names 'Han Solo' and 'Chewbacca' and the numerous second hand book shops. The food was good, the people of Kent were lovely and it didn't rain all that much. Plus we watched a lot of Midsomer Murders, Come Dine With Me and Coach Trip. Laura's grandma was really lovely and welcoming, and let me eat all the chocolate cereal in the variety pack.

Dad's just told me we're probably going to Mallorca this summer, home of Shagaluf. Except we're not going to Shagaluf, obviously (we're going to Puerto Pollensa, which in turn is not the home of a small yellow grain), as that would be a bit weird. I imagine I may find it to be a wee bit of a culture shock. Me, with my book on the Crusades and Star Wars t-shirt, and the party-goers, with their t-shirts reading 'SHITTER' and their in-flight boozing.

Basically, Whitstable was excellent and I had a fantastic week. Thanks to Laura and her family.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm not neglecting this blog, I'm just busy. Chester gave me an unconditional so that's 5 out of 5. Also my pay has gone up by 10p or something pointless. My feet hurt because I seem to be wearing the same pair of shoes day in, day out. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was one of the most disappointing movies I've ever seen. I don't really know what else I can do with this blog. Bumsy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1. Matt Smith
2. Karen Gillan
3. Harrison Ford
4. Simon Pegg
5. Jason Schwartzman
6. Emily Deschanel
7. King Colin Firth

My reasoning behind these decisions are as follows:

I am sat next to Matt Smith I need a reason? Next to Matt Smith is Karen Gillan because everyone knows they are pretty much BFFs in real life so they can tell us all about what happens on set and make us laugh until we cry. Next to Karen Gillan in Harrison Ford because if he sat next to me I'd be too scared to say anything. At position 3, I can see him across the table quite clearly and I'll be asking him to pass me the profiteroles and the mini yorkshire puddings every five minutes. Simon Pegg is next to Harrison Ford because I think he would be in awe and that would make me happy. Even though Harrison Ford doesn't seem to like talking about Star Wars, I'm sure he's got stories and if we gave him enough wine he might spill them to the table through the encouragment of Simon Pegg and myself. Jason Schwartzman is next, because he's fast becoming one of my favourite American actors, and he's funny as well, so sitting him next to Simon Pegg seems logical. I need another lady at the table, so Emily Deschanel is there because she's awesome and I can shout "ANGELA" at her and I'll have someone to sneak off to the ladies with if I need to go and don't want to go by myself. Finally, King Colin is next to me because I love a bit of Colin Firth and hopefully with the help of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, he will phone The Moff and ask when he can be on Doctor Who. I think he'd be a pretty funny guest, and sensible and clever and witty and generally the perfect addition to any table.