Friday, October 29, 2010


In the first of a series of blogs in which I discuss my favourite things, I'm going to talk to you this evening about The League of Gentlemen. It seems pretty apt to talk about this, seeing as Laura and I are going to be in the presence of Reece Shearsmith on Sunday night (omdfkgjnkajfhjn!!).

A couple of years ago I had a birthday party during which my room was turned into a little cinema, with a projector playing movies onto my bedroom wall. One of these films was The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse. In retrospect, I feel a bit guilty about watching the film first as I had no idea about the awesomeness that is the television and radio shows. Many a maths lesson was filled with me and Jodie quoting Geoff Tipps ("Braille!?") and Hilary Briss ("They weren't pork...").

In comes Laura with her suggestion a while ago that I watch the first episode of the first season. The rest is history. Since then we have watched and listened to pretty much everything The League have produced. My personal favourites are probably the live Drury Lane show and Series 3. For this reason I found myself in hysterics listening to Steve Pemberton (also in hysterics) doing a fart in a haunted house last night. Or Mark Gatiss telling us about his favourite horror films. And of course, Sunday night with Reece Shearsmith. Have I mentioned Sunday night with Reece Shearsmith?

I think The League appeal to us because they are British, funny, clever and brilliant. Much like our other favourite things (Doctor Who etc.). You shouldn't really be laughing at a toad in a blender or an all too realistic (i.e. shit) theatre company, but that's why it works. Because it's so realistic. And because shouting "Miss...Cathy Carter Smith!" will never not be appropriate.

(From Psychoville S1 E4)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I just realised the majority of my blogs are about dull things like education and work. I was going through my archive and I thought 'where has all my fun and quirk (?) gone?!'

So please, give me suggestions of things to write about or do. As long as they're not illegal or harmful I will do them. Thankyou!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Right, time for a catch up.

World, you amazing thing, you've finally done it. I've found a University I would love to go to. Before I say where it is, I shall give you the reasons for my choice. The buildings were amazing. They have old, boarding school style buildings but with a massive, modern building as the hub of it all. It was in a quiet little city (I suppose, they have a famous cathedral), with a very close and totally not-wild feel to it. It's one hour on the train from London Waterloo. The guy who did the journalism talk was fantastic and made it very clear what would be expected of us. Their practical production suite was AMAZING. I actually feel very up for the challenge of their selection process (interview, practical and academic tests). The place is Winchester, people, and it is perfect.

On a totally unrelated note -


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Once upon a time there was a garden. I was a very nice garden, lots of care had gone into it to make it look lovely and memorable and often people would walk past it and look at it and mutter to each other about how nice it was. It's distinguishing features included a large wooden obelisk in the centre, a spiral of paving slabs (now slightly hidden by plants and flowers) and a large window (or hole) in the hedge. Said hedge was designed to look, apparently, like two elephants following each other. A stone wall was also in place to stop the beautiful garden growing outwards into the street.

One cold dark night, however, an evil machine called a BMW Car decided that it didn't like the stone wall, or the wooden gatepost with the number 19 on it, or, indeed, one of the elephants, and thought that the best thing to do would be to drive itself into said things and knock them all over.

The wall was reduced to rubble, spilling out onto the pavement, the gatepost was knocked backwards and the elephant has been cut in half.

At the very same time, a girl was asleep in the bedroom at the front of the house. Hearing a loud banging sound, she put it down to a car driving over a recycling box and smashing it to pieces. The girl's cat was, at the time, wrapped tightly around her neck, its wheezy face on hers. She was unable to get up.

Finding the destruction the following morning, the girl felt guilty for not following her usual nosy reaction of leaping to the window to see what the noise was therefore, did not get a number plate of the BMW Car, and the perpetrator has escaped.

As the girl's brother pointed out, however, the people across the road have a BMW, and their car hasn't been seen since.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Okay, so last night was seriously one of the most awesome nights I've ever had. The day was great (though I didn't accept my Fox's Glacier Mint reward at the arcade), we walked a lot and ate stuff from Cyber Candy and then went to the BFI with, as it is aptly named, the nice surpise of some Bonus!Reece.

Laura's blog pretty much covers everything, so I'm just posting photos and saying that OMGOKGMGOKGMOMGGOMG like I did last night with Laura as we jumped up and down and literally flailed in our seats at the awesomeness of it all. Humatity does sometimes throw up some really wonderful things. And it was amazing to be able to enjoy it all with other like-minded people.

And on a serious note, my laptop has fallen suddenly into its grave so you know, infrequent blogging will be even more infrequent. Poo.

Now to find a frame...