Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I didn't blog yesterday or Saturday for that matter. Maybe I'm ill.
I knew I should have done that chlamydia test.

Anyway, I'm home from school for the day (I LOVE Wednesdays!) and I've just emailed the presentation to the woman at Carlisle. I'm kinda worried it won't work or the file is too big or people will just think it's pants, but hey, it goes with the job I guess.

English this morning was a LOL. There was a wasp in the room which led to a huge and hilarious debate about how maybe the wasp was carrying swine flu because it flew over from Mexico (prompting me, Laura and Doug to doodle wasps in sombreros shaking maracas all over our worksheets).

FYI, it wasn't carrying swine flu and I think it knocked itself out and then Laura put it out of the window and it didn't fly away it just sort of...fell to the ground below. It's not looking too good for our little mexican friend.

I've discovered complete and utter hatred for a number of human beings, namely:

-Miley Cyrus. Seriously, just ergh. Go away. She makes me want to vom.
-The Jonas Brothers. Also ergh. They are all so rank looking and one of them used to date Miley Cyrus.
-Zac Efron. He looks like a twelve year old and his eyes are too small. And it's infuriating how well he dresses.
-The Twilight Franchise. Sparkly vampires and screaming fangirls? Ergh. Read Darren Shan if you want proper vampire novels.
-Ten-year-old singing children who enter Britains Got Talent. 'I'm singing this song for my Mum because she is a single parent and we live on a waste disposal site in Slough'. I couldn't care less, your singing makes me want to die inside.

Why can't people realise that age is a wonderful thing.

As I've said before, men are like cheese and wine - they get better with age.
And the silly screaming bints who chase after their fifteen year old 'celebrity boy candy' can go far, far away for ever and ever.

Rant over - now iPlayer and generally chilltime.
Children's Hour rehearsals tonight.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Excitement. Seriously.

Anyway, my day went like this - (In bullet point form because that's how Laura does it and it works out well for her)

Woke up.
Went back to sleep.
Woke up again.
Stepped on a plug and said Clucking Hell or something along those lines.
Listened to Barry White, Toots and the Maytals and Stevie Wonder.
Sorted hair and face.
Pulled on too tight jeans over tights, which was bloody difficult.
Went to school in the rain.
Had Drama where Mrs Rowlands had a go at us and Becca cried and it was all generally pants.
Had rehearsals at lunch and talked with Michael Ojo which was actually pretty hilarious.
Went to English, handed in my essay and told Mrs Dean that it was pants. In those exact words.
Lolled about an assortment of things with Laura.
Got a lift home with Maddy.
Had dinner (tatty cakes, scrambly eggs, tom toms and fishy fingers).
Went to TYC and I'm still laughing thinking about Laura's Scary Moon Dream.
Came home and ate banana pastries with fuzzy cream.

And now I'm writing this.

I need to do that plan thing for Miss Piercey tomorrow, but I can't be bothered to start it now. Maybe after Heroes. Or not. It depends. Probably after Heroes. Ergh.

And I also need to do that presentation thing for Saturday, which (I'll be honest here) I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to do because I only have until Wednesday lunchtime to do it and I don't know how to get all my pictures to be snazzy with the text and stuff so...y'know...I might ask my Media teacher tomorrow.

Also, Dad told me the plan for Saturday, which goes something like this:

Wake up at 5:30 and leave for Carlisle, stop off at Tesco's in Newcastle or Stoke or wherever it is for breakfast, get to Gma's, who takes us to Brunton Park, we get a tour of the ground then a meal, then I guess it's the match, then funtimes after that.
Not sure what's happening on Sunday, other than we are coming back after a Supporters Club match against some Norwiegans. (You can't make it up).

Toodles, time for Heroes and then work then bed :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ultimate win!
Seriously, this song is awesome enough but this version rocks it!

Mark Hoppus actually approves on his blog :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another day is here and I am still alive, I say these words aloud,
they speak from the inside, and everytime I see you you just walk away.
Still the world is turning, I want to hear what you, what you've got to say.

Ahh, I LOVE The Subways!
Seriously, check out their music.

Also this week, I've discovered musical love in the forms of:

Funky Kingston by Toots and the Maytals,
Sherry Darling by Bruce Springsteen,
Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf
Hell Above Water by Curve.

All of which have kept me bopping away on my walks to and from school, which I've actually come to enjoy rather than detest. They give me time to think.

Duologue run throughs went fabulously this morning, got a few things to work on, but it's all pretty much honed and I'm excited about performing it. This weekend I have SO MUCH WORK. Seriously, I filled a Word document with the list. Jesus.

Tomorrow, it shall begin.
How is everyone after the first week back?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's weird you know? I've been doing Drama in school and out of school for nearly six and a half years and for some reason with my A Level duologue, I've actually got my character.

I don't mean that I've been given it, I mean that I actually understand his motives, his actions, his dialogue - everything.

I don't think I've felt this comfortable with a character for a long time, and it's such a waste that it's only the examiner who gets to see the duologues, as I'm giving a much better performance in this than I am in my group.

Tomorrow we have full dress rehearsals for duo's, and I'm feeling pretty confident.

Which is a nice change.
Alright, I'm back from school and I have a slight headache and my legs hurt from walking all the way back from Sandringham but none of that matters because:



OMG he looks SO good, all dishevelled and scruffy and unffff.
And yes, I think that is a lunchbox.
And yes, it has an Iron Man logo sticker on it.

He's such a fanboy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wow, nearly a day without a post. Maybe I'm coming down with something. It's probably chlamydia because I'm missing the chlamydia screening tomorrow at school (OH DEAR + Is it really hygenic to make students pee into pots and pass them around the place?).

Yes. Chlamydia. That's it.

Anyway, another glorious day with the elusive sun and blue sky and barely any wind.

English was alright, good points included the excellent picture of someone getting their eye shot out I drew on the board and refused to let Miss Piercey rub off, excessive dandruff from someone else, looking over notes which led to me and Laura singing the PHENOMENON song again and other such stupid and not-related-to-English-in-any-way things.

I came home, and decided that I'm going to ask my Dad to order Ally McBeal DVD'S for me from HMV.

Let's be honest here. I would only like Season 4 because RDJ is in it, but I feel that I should watch the series' before it in order to get a good feeling of characters, plot, etc etc.
Plus, from the clips and stuff I've seen, I quite like it anyway.

In random news, Jay Leno (or people who work on his show) decided that they were going to replace RDJ with some guy called Dr Phil (???) on his show tonight, which sucks because I wanted Iron Man 2 news.

Anyway, tomorrow is Media and maybe Drama rehearsals, I have no idea.
I'm going to have a bath, write my diary and go to bed.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What the hellll, I'm so tired and it's only Tuesday!

But we didn't have rehearsals after school, so that was a load of stress of my mind, and the Written Performance Concept went okay, and we got our Drama coursework marks back, and mine were alright.

In Media I couldn't help being a little smug, my evaluative essay was one of the best three in the class and my portfolio was labelled 'Outstanding' so I was pretty hapz.

On the way home, in the sun, with my school bag cutting into my shoulder under the weight of all my books etc. I was listening to Toots and the Maytals and I had this moment where just for a second, I forgot everything, and just felt great for three minutes.

Please please please let this weather keep up!

Ahhh, I'm listening to that riff in the song Iron Man by Black Sabbath and the sun is shining and I have virtually an entire day off tomorrow and it's all cool yes?

This film comes out (hopefully) on September 11th for us UK peoples.

- "There's your English sense of humour. You made a joke about tweed, and now I'm laughing!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Because I am bored, and trying to avoid all thoughts of school tomorrow, here is a list of the movies I need to see this year and early next year if release dates change etc etc.

- Star Trek
- Wolverine
- Public Enemies
- Terminator Salvation
- The Soloist
- Sherlock Holmes
- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
- The Informers

I imagine there's more but I can't think of them right now.

Nothing is going on, although I did just discover a site where you can get Iron Man tshirts, so that's cool.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

After a lot of internal debating, I've come to the conclusion that maybe it's best if I don't go to the premiere.

This is for a number of reasons:

-I'm not confident on my route, namely which direction to go on the underground, and I'm petrified that I'll never find my way back.
-After the premiere, it would probably be like 9ish, I honestly don't know how to get home without having to ask people and generally getting in a panic.
-It sounds ridiculous, but I'm scared that I won't find a train back and I'll get lost and it would all generally be very bad and I'd have to ring home which would only piss my parents off.

Not only am I irritated right now at my lack of confidence but I'm also disappointed. This was supposed to be my big thing of the year you know? I'd been looking forward to this for ages. I suppose it's probably the right thing to do but it's still making me angry and I'm going to have to avoid the news tonight and tomorrow because they'll probably mention it and I'll get angrier with myself.

I guess I'll have to wait for Sherlock Holmes later this year.

This of course means I'm going to have to see Star Trek about a bazillion times.

:'( ♥

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Promise me that the last thing you do before you go to bed is go and listen to this:

This could quite possibly already be my Song for Summer.
I'm bopping away right now, I can't wait for the holidays.
Right, I've had my hair done. Pictures are below.

I'm worrying now what Sheps and Mrs Rowlands are going to say. Eep.








It's much more blonde in real life :)
Tell me what you think!

Friday, April 17, 2009

This is the Amazing 100th Post (Yay!)
edit: actually it's not. I was counting drafts in here as well.

And This is a List of Life's Necessities and Things I For One Can't Live Without in Honour of this Special Occasion.

Broken down into the different categories of music, film, and books. Because they make me.

(None of them are in order.)


1. My First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White - I find it difficult to go a day without listening to this song because it is so amazing. As I've just said to Katie, it makes me smile, cry, remember, forget and everything in between. It is the song I will play first thing every morning when I live by myself, and I'm prancing around the place muttering about having no milk, my tights are on inside out and I have toothpaste dribbled on my face. It is played in the background of that Ally McBeal scene with RDJ dancing like the most adorable thing on two legs, and if that isn't destiny enough, I don't know what is.

2. Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies - In stark contrast to Barry White, this song is a guitar heavy, drum thumping, memorable song, which defines the feelings of anyone with half a brain. It is also the only song on my iPod that drowns out my Gma's snoring. The last line of this song is - 'Doesn't matter, I'm probably gonna get hit by a car anyway'. Perfection in 3 minutes 51 seconds.

3. Iron Man (The Soundtrack) by Ramin Djawadi - Okay, okay, so shoot me. This is an entire album. But I couldn't pick the piece I like the best. It's probably a draw between 'Merchant of Death', 'Trinkets to Kill a Prince', 'Vacation's Over', 'Mark II', 'Extra Dry, Extra Olives', 'Iron Man' and 'Arc Reaktor'. You see the problem. This soundtrack is very unlike any other I have listened to, preferring heavy guitar and drum riffs teamed with slow string sections for 'Extra Dry, Extra Olives', which is Pepper's song and I adore. Most played album on my iPod, by far.

4. Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol - For personal and private reasons, this song is very special for me and whenever I listen to it, I can't help but tear up a little because it brings everything right back. Listening to Gary Lightbody singing - 'Take my hand not your fingers through mine, and we'll walk from this dark room for the last time' - is something I don't think I will ever tire of. I can't think of anything else to say except for the fact this song is one of those ones that you can't help feeling a little bit inspired when you reach the end.

5. Talk Tonight by Oasis - A lot of people would say that 'Wonderwall' is the song by which Oasis will be remembered for their calm and caring side. I disagree, for me, 'Talk Tonight' is better. It speaks to the listener. It opens them up. The higher twangs of guitar keep the song going, and represent the hope that Mr Noel is wishing for. This song was the first I had on repeat when I got my first Oasis album, I couldn't stop listening to it, it's fantastic.


1. Shaun of the Dead - I believe this to better than Hot Fuzz. As much as I love Hot Fuzz, I think the simpleness of Shaun makes it funnier, and much more believable. Of course the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost chemistry makes the movie, but the dialogue is well written and hilarious, the supporting cast is fantastic and it is easily (in my opinion) one of the best British films ever.

2. Chaplin - I saw this a couple of months ago, and I'm still touched by the story and inspired by everything about it. I'll admit, before I saw it I was aware of Charlie Chaplin's work, and I'd done a little research, but this film really brought everything to light in a way that was totally unexpected. Yes, RDJ was Chaplin, but even so, the portrayal was so true and genuine that at the end, I was in tears for a good half hour. It's a real shame RDJ didn't win his Oscar nomination, because he bloody deserved it.

3. The Dark Knight - This film blew me away. Everything about it was brilliant; the music, the actors, the tension, the story, everything. This was not your average comic book movie, it had a darker undertone which made it instantly the movie of the summer. Of course, Heath Ledger's unfortunate death probably had some influence in people's interest in the movie, but I doubt anyone left the cinema after watching it feeling as if he could have gone out with any less of a triumph.

4. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Okay, yes, three movies I know, but each was amazing for different reasons. The Fellowship had the characters established, some fantastic fight sequences, and some of the best lines in any film I've seen, including Gandalf advising Frodo after the Hobbit admits he wishes 'none of this had ever happened' - 'So do all who live to see such times; but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.' Which remains one of my favourite quotes of all time. The Two Towers and The Return of the King have the action, the plot development, the friendships and the incredible cinematography that we have come to expect from Peter Jackson. What a cast, what a film.

5. Iron Man - How could I not include this? You must have seen this coming. Billionaire Tony Stark, a man who when made CEO of Stark Industries installed a pole dancing pole in his private jet for his stewardesses, gets taken hostage by a bunch of terrorists and builds a suit of armour to escape, and decides to make the suit a lot less clunky and a lot more red and gold and swish, becoming Iron Man. I love the one liners, the tension between Tony and Pepper (do you hear me Mr Favreau? Do something with these two pleaseee!) and the cool flying scenes, especially against the F22 Raptors. What an awesome action sequence, I love it.


1. Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis - I know I only read this last week. But it was simply unputdownable and I couldn't help but get sucked into this world of drug taking, parties and generally shenanigans. The characters are fantastically written, and although we don't get much description, the way the story is told in first person means that we don't need to know the finer details, and as a reader, I found myself wishing that Clay (the protagonist) would just get himself out of there. Nice one Bret Easton Ellis, my new favourite author.

2. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini - I read this for English Lit. and it opened my eyes. It is so moving, and so heartfelt that it's impossible not to have a different perspective on life after reading it. It teaches you to value friendship when you have it, as all too soon things will change and the good things will be gone. A book that made me cry like a baby, which is a rare thing for me.

3. The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom - I read this on holiday in Cornwall last summer, and it was quite a short read, but very, very good. I know it's been made into a film, but I haven't seen it and I'm not sure I'd want to as the books imagery and descriptions are so clear and imaginative I don't think I'd want to change what I see the characters looking like.

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling - My favourite Potter book. I love Sirius and Lupin and how everything starts being explained in this one. I like the werewolf thing, I love the dementors, and my favourite bit is when Harry goes into Honeydukes for the first time. It makes my mouth water no matter how many times I read it.

5. Skellig by David Almond - I read this in year six, and year seven, both for school projects and I still love it. A lot of people roll their eyes and say how much they hate it, but I don't believe them. It's so magic, and the way the Almond creates his characters leaves a lot open to interpretation. The first time I read the bit where Skellig is found, I was freaked out and didn't want to read on, but I'm so glad I did. A truly great book.

If you want to be picky, then point out that I've included a lot of RDJ stuff in there. But hey, can you blame me?
Do this yourself! Go on!

Happy 100th Post :)

Maybe, just maybe, I will be going to the Star Trek premiere after all.

Now I'm going to drink my Frijj milkshake and think lovely RDJ thoughts.
I might finish Iron Man, although I have a 500 word essay I need to write and send to Sheps.

Meh, RDJ is priority :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here is where my life ends.

I probably won't be going to the one thing that I've been looking forward to all year.
This is because of stinking, fucky drama rehearsals.

The Star Trek premiere is on Monday, featuring the likes of:
Zachary Quinto
Simon Pegg
Karl Urban
Eric Bana
etc etc.

I believe the examiner should just give me the A straight out, for giving this up.
I think that secretly I've known this whole time that I wouldn't be going.
It still breaks my heart.

I'm going to have to make up for this majorstyleee with the Sherlock Holmes prem. and then next year Iron Man 2 - two rounds of RDJ? UNF UNF.

Love for RDJ, a man who gets snapped walking like this:


This picture never fails to make me grin.
Everyone else is downstairs watching Hellboy II.
I am upstairs watching this -

I try not to laugh, but BONBONBONBONS gets me every time :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I imagine you could describe my day as 'productive', but to be honest, it's passed in a blur and I feel as if I've done nothing much at all.

At drama rehearsals this morning a minor meltdown ensued and although it wasn't nice, somehow it allowed me to focus more in-depth on the characters. I thought it was kinda productive until I got home and realised that really? Not so much.

Dad took me to town in the afternoon and I walked around by myself for 50 minutes until we met up in Waterstones. I went to HMV and bought The Subways album (for £5 - sale!) and I'm currently listening to it and it is amazing. Exactly my kind of music. Perfeck.

I went to Wilko's and got some pens, and then went to Waterstones where I bought 'Glamorama' by Bret Easton Ellis. It's not the next one in order of his releases, but I asked the lady at the till and she said that 'The Informers' is coming in as a paperback at the beginning of May. I still have the end of 'American Psycho' to read, and then 'The Rules of Attraction', which as it turns out, I'm reading in the wrong order and has made me vair disappointed in myself.

Good News! - Mr Easton Ellis has written a sequel to 'Less Than Zero', which will be out in 2010, and he said he'd be interested in making it into a film. With RDJ, like the original, except a minor (major) issue will have to be resolved. I'm not going to you what because I want people to read the book and then see the film and work it out for themselves, but if you really want to know, then....

Dad's gone out to see 'The Damned United', and I have no idea if I'm making my own dinner or not. I want to do some more sketching or more quotes for my door. Ho hum. Yes - song lyrics are next for the door I think.

"There there baby,
it's just textbook stuff,
It's in the ABC of growing up."
-Imogen Heap, 'Speeding Cars'

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I'm on the verge of tears by the time we arrive at Pastels since I'm positive we won't get seated but the table is good, and relief that is almost tidal in scope washes over me in an awesome wave."
-American Psycho
I just got my TYC form through the post, and it said the deadline was yesterday. Nice one.

Also Anna no-idea-what-I'm-doing-or-anything Crompton wrote in the letters, what she thought would be a hilarious joke, this crap about the next performance 'not having many lines'.

Christ, I have a burning desire to send a strongly worded letter. How can she say that when she doesn't bother to tell us rehearsals are cancelled, lies to us and our group leaders, doesn't organise props, writes rubbish for the paper which means we have to throw on a load of makeup before going on in order to make it look like we'd planned to make it Bowie-ish, insults our play when she's only seen half of it - ARGHHH! Jesus.

Honestly, some people.

Bah, anyway, at 1ish I'm going to ring Katie and sort out tonight - which is a point, I'm going to need money.

Here are a load of Carlisle United related pictures I just found, ahhh the memories...

The oldest and youngest Junior Blues:


Neil and Fred Story (owner of CUFC) Lol at the height difference:


Neil and Sam:


In the tunnel before running out as mascots:


On the pitch, I adore this picture so much (Neil and I are far right btw). Here's a bit of trivia - See that bear mascot? During the half time penalty shoot out (which I came second due to a gust of wind and a man with a loudspeaker in my ear) I kicked the ball straight at the bears face and knocked his eyeball out. Hahahahaha!


S'laters potaterz!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh my God, I'm actually crying with laughter:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hahahaha, I love this.

"Stop pissing around and get back to work, thank you very much. Fucking movie stars."

RDJ and Guy Ritchie? My brain just exploded.

Oh, and I forgot just how much I love this song.

We got back from Gma's yesterday, and I know this is a later post (very out of the ordinary) but a lot has just happened and if I'm quite frank with you, I don't feel like writing a word right now - but my duties lie with the internet, so here goes.

It was cold (why in hell did Gma think it was a good idea to open the window in the bedroom? On a hill? In the wind?) and rained and as Mum said, we had to watch Bargain Hunt and eat at random times (which wasn't so bad) and I spent most of the time watching DVD's or reading. Ma and Pa where hacking and coughing and (I'm not making this up) discussing waking up in a puddle of their own phlegm. Euw.

"Everytime it happens, I die a bit inside."

I have discovered the wonder of Bret Easton Ellis. I read Less Than Zero in one day and I loved it so much I sent Mum out to Carlisle to get me more. I'm half way through American Psycho and I have The Rules of Attraction to read, and then I might get the others when I'm finished with those. Very interesting and relatable writing style, especially in Less Than Zero (not that I do crack or prostitute myself) that was great to read and I might actually read it over and over. It's apparently 'The Cathcher in the Rye for the MTV generation'.
True say, true say.

I wrote 2 Media essays and although I said I'd do Drama stuff I couldn't bring myself to do any. Right now, it's the last thing on my mind. Drama is very, very quickly becoming my least favourite subject.

When does study leave start?
When can we go on holiday?
Rarghhh I want to GO.

By the way Bloggers, I need that coffee meet up desperatly. I need to talk.
Even if it's only like 2 of us.

Goodnight Denver.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Right, so I'm off to Carlisle tomorrow until Saturday.
Despite the fact Dad is really ill and Mum is quite obviously not happy about the fact we are going and I can just tell there are going to be a bazillion blazing rows before we've even got there and it's all going to be pants.

I have literally got more schoolbooks, revision and schoolwork than clothes with me. Which is really bad. But hey, it has to be done. Of course, I'm also taking a selection of DVD's, listed below:

Iron Man (obviously)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (obviously)
Tropic Thunder (obviously)
The Dark Knight (in case I fancy venturing into DC Comics land)
Shaun of the Dead (for britflick lolz)
Pride and Prejudice (for revision, 0kay?)

I bloody hate Pride and Prejudice. That reminds me actually, I'm going to have to re-read The Kite Runner, but that's not so bad. If we go into Carlisle then I want to go to Waterstones, and see what they've got.

I'm also taking my script for The Children's Hour, but I've lost the back pages so that's like a whole load of text I can't learn, which is going to result in completely screamo Mrs Rowlands in my face. But Robyn has lost her entire script so I guess that it will be the two of us.

And I also have the Iron Man soundtrack on my iPod as well as some Radio 1 podcasts and Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies because it will make me feel better if it all goes to shit.
6 hours in the car with ill parents is going to be hell. At least I'll have RDJ on my laptop to ogle when I get there.

Why I am I so damn dependent on the internet?

Oh Jeeeez, I just realised I'm going to miss out on a whole weeks worth of Jon Favreau tweets. They started filming Iron Man 2 today! I need my on-set tweets! I need information!


Goodbye, world.
See you on Saturday.

Sunday, April 5, 2009



I actually had a really good time tonight.
Many many hilarious things happened, including the 'Sprite', 'I definatley didn't order that', 'flan queen', Liz's tiny tart and talk about 'Poopy plops'.

Who says that we need to grow up?


p.s. I'm still giggling about poopy plops.
I have the Iron Man Soundtrack, HELL YEAH!

Frikkin' awesome, it should keep me entertained for 6 hours on the drive to Gma's.

Serious hassle going on tonight about this TYC meal though...I feel like I'm letting the side down - Liz might not be able to come and Laura might not either. Hmmm. I don't know what time Laura finishes work.


Ackkk I'm so bad at organising. I have like 1 hour to get ready.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm happy. Why?



(I meant to post this earlier btw. I had other things on my mind and I still do)

All right fellas, we're gonna make camp, rest up. Y'all might be in for a treat. You know back before the war broke out, I was a saucier in San Antone. I bet I could collar up some of them greens, yeah, some crawfish out the paddy, yo! Ha! I'm makin' some crabapples for dessert now, yo! Hell yeah, ha!

We're tired of being your trail donkeys! Wandering around the jungle like you some kinda one man GPS! We lost man! We fucking super-lost! Tell him McKlutsky! Tell him what time it is!

Same thing happened to me when I played Neil Armstrong in Moonshot. They found me in an alley in Burbank trying to re-enter the earth's atmosphere in an old refrigerator box.

Stop tailgatin' me you pasty teabag! I'm goin' potty. Wanna hold my dick?

Seriously though, If Kirk Lazarus was real...the world would be a better place.

Erm...rumours flying around about a bloggers coffee morning? I'm up for it.
Let's get together and feel alright.

Oh, and TUNE!:

Piracy by The Jack Bambis.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Being an actor is no different than being a rugby player, or a construction worker, save for the fact my tools are the mechanisms that trigger human emotion." - Kirk Lazarus.

I wish this man was real.
But I'll live with RDJ.
He'll more than suffice.

Today was bleurgh. Mock exam in Media, then the trudge back home, although I did meet Ella on the way and we ate Lindt mini eggs until we go to school and she left. I went to Morrisons with Dad and got the new Empire magazine - 2 mentions of RDJ in there, one for The Soloist and one for his cool beard in Iron Man. They were teeny little things but SO worth it. Plus both had pictures so yay!

For a laugh, and because I can put it on in Drama and say it's the new song for The Children's Hour (which could work actually because the main 2 characters are accused of being lesbians. Seriously) I put Alpa Chino's song 'I Love Tha Pussy' on my iPod. It's from Tropic Thunder. It is hilarious. For those who don't know, Alpa Chino is a character, not an actual...rapper...guy...

I can't wait to blast it through the bass systems in 60/61.

Also, I had an embarrassing moment in Morrisons when I went over to the DVD stand and picked up The Shaggy Dog because it's got RDJ in it, and on the back was a picture of him pretending to be a dog. I squealed and laughed and I thought my dad was standing next to me, but it turned out to be an employee staring at me like I had 4 heads.

I got home and spent 2 hours writing my Media evaluation. I don't think it's great, but it's a first draft so I think I'll probably live. So yeah, then I watched Tropic Thunder again. I love it, everytime I watch it I laugh at something new. I'm taking it to Robyn and Laura's on Monday.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today I bought the Tropic Thunder 3 Disc Special Edition.


Hilariously funny, and at the end, RDJ looks so damn hot.
Blonde+filthy+Australian+sweaty=YUM. See for yourself:


Anyway, I'm knackered, tomorrow is going to involve a lot of work. Goodnight y'all!