Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh my GOD,

I got a JOB!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hi post-results people. How did you do? I hope all went well for you.
This is just a quick blog to say:

Media Studies: A
English Lit: B
Drama: C

And that is the end of that. Party party party tonight.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

We went out for dinner last night because it was Mum's birthday on Wednesday and we couldn't go out on Wednesday because Neil had football and football is too important to cancel for a birthday meal. Anyway, we went to Cafe Rouge, somewhere I'd never been before, and it was really nice. I had a crab cake starter, then mussels and a herb mash and then blackcurrant sorbet for pudding. I drew a picture of Mum and Dad on a napkin because we didn't have a camera and Neil and I kept saying things like "the food was cold, the plate was cold, the meat was cold, the cardigan was cold..." in a northern accent and miming for the bill like Lee Evans.

The group on the table next to us, however, were a proper bunch of weirdos. The woman closest to us sat with her hand in the ice bucket all evening, occasionally bringing it out to check on her fingers. Mum and I overheard her say at one point "...yeah, and he just tripped over and cracked his head open and that was it..." and I caught Mum's eye and we giggled loudly into our mains. Then she started talking about fundraiser where Jude Law turned up with his kids. When their puddings arrived, the man opposite her (husband?) said nothing and the woman said " ordered the apple tart, didn't you BABE?" and ended the evening by nodding to the waitress and saying "...that poor woman isn't going to want me back, I've just sat here with my hand in a bucket of ice all evening".

On Thursday night/early Friday morning, there was a massive argument going on across the road from our house. I cracked the curtain open, and saw a girl (drunk) and 2 guys standing and yelling at each other. The girl kept shouting "I'M NOT A FUCKING POODLE!" at the top of her voice, "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" and occasionally slapping her male friends who were trying to get her to shut up and win the argument at the same time by saying things like " quiet, you call me worse things than 'poodle', you call me fat and a minger...". Eventually, our neighbour stuck his head out of the window and shouted "Could you take your argument somewhere else please? The whole street doesn't want to hear it!" To which the girl shouted back: "But he called me a POODLE!"

Eventually they went up to the top of the street where there is a small bench. I had crept into Neil's room by this point, and we were both watching the proceedings with childish excitement. We almost died laughing when we heard the girl screech "...I'm not a DOG, I'm a GIRL!" and when she walked back down the street with a girl friend who'd managed to calm her down, Neil asked me if it would be a good idea to shout "OI! POODLE!" out of the window and see if she responded.

My life isn't usually this exciting and I'm not used to it.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Black cloud and thunderstorm mood has gone. It is replaced by an overcast with sunny intervals mood. What a pleasant change. Put on your coats and thermals because here comes another weather metaphor update.

Okay. So. In town today I got some information (with Laura's help) on where to do a maths GCSE part time. West Hert's College, would you believe. And I'm keen to sign up and get going but I suppose I should perhaps explore some more options before spending the £300+ cost. I know. If all goes to plan I'll be sorted for enrolment by the end of the week.

I've re-written my CV, in the hopes that it may give me a bit more luck with jobs etc. but you never know.

Dad spoke to his 'connections' in Carlisle and there is a possibility that I may get on a three week internship doing press/media/journalism related stuff for Carlisle United. There's a foot in the door that'll certainly help when it comes to application time. Hopefully. It should be awesome, anyhow. Now to work it in around the maths...

Anyway, if none of it works out, I read in my book earlier that the Moon is moving away from us at a speed of 4cm a year, and in 2 billion years, it will have gotten so far away that its gravitational magnetic influence on the Earth will be lost, and as a result, we'll spin like a top before falling into the sun, roasting and burning to death.

Silver linings and all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's been a long time since I've blogged, and not just me. Everyone seems to be away at the moment, enjoying holidays or breaks. I'm home alone as I write this as Neil and Dad are up in Carlisle and Mum is at work. The boys don't get back until Sunday, so I'll be spending this week sitting by myself in the house, doing odd jobs and trying not to freak out.

The latter, I'm afraid is not going so well. I am panicking, quite a bit, about what I'm supposed to be doing with myself. I'm still searching for work, though it's near impossible as A, I don't have any experience and B, I don't have a C in Maths GCSE. This immediately makes me pretty much un-employable, if that's even a word, and worse than that, what universities will want to take me without it? Exactly.

So I've tried doing to some research into what I can do, and Oaklands College don't do Maths courses, and the re-takes are in November but I don't have any coursework to back up the exam even if I did somehow get myself in for it. Plus I have to pretty much learn the entire course all over again, and no way can I fit two years of learning into a couple of months.

The worst thing is I had my chance before and I just blew it. I could've re-taken in year 12 but I was so bloody stupid and not thinking ahead and this is precisely the reason why I feel like a twat talking about it because it is my fault that I'm in this mess.

I know this is a ranty blog but I need to get this out of my head.

So, my outlook is this - I keep trying to hopelessly find a job, whilst trying to find somewhere that I can do Maths before next year in the hope that I'll have the grades in time to get to University. I also have to cram in open days and application among this, as well as attempting not to feel every single day like I'm slacking off, sponging off my parents by still living in the house without bringing in any income and generally not doing anything with myself that could be considered 'productive'.

What a crappy blog post. Sorry.
Have a better day.