Friday, December 30, 2011




1. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - Hans Zimmer
2. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - Harry Gregson-Williams
3. Doctor Who: Series 5 - Murray Gold
4. Iron Man II - John Debney
5. What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? - The Vaccines
6. Velociraptor! - Kasabian
7. Iron Man II - AC/DC
8. X-Men: First Class - Henry Jackman
9. Robin Hood - Marc Streitenfeld
10. Still Got Legs - Chameleon Circuit
HONOURABLE MENTIONS (SONGS): Otis (ft. Otis Redding) - Jay Z and Kanye West, I Got A Thing - Hanni El Khatib, Louder (ft. Sian Evans) - DJ Fresh, The Road Goes On - A.R. Rahman, Christopher Nightingale and Varttinna, Kristofferson's Theme - Alexandre Desplat



1. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - Director: Guy Ritchie, Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law
2. Bridesmaids - Director: Paul Feig, Starring Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne
3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - Director: David Yates, Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Ralph Fiennes
4. X-Men: First Class - Director: Michael Vaughn, Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender
5. Fantastic Mr Fox - Director: Wes Anderson, Starring: George Clooney, Meryl Streep
HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Thor - Director: Kenneth Branagh, Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Paul - Director: Greg Mottola, Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Whip It - Director: Drew Barrymore, Starring: Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore



1. Doctor Who - Starring: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan
2. Bones - Starring: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz
3. Merlin - Starring: Colin Morgan, Bradley James
4. Psychoville: Series 2 - Starring: Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton
5. True Blood - Starring: Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard
HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Frozen Planet - Starring: David Attenborough, Misfits - Starring: Iwan Rheon, Lauren Socha, Life's Too Short - Starring: Warwick Davis, Ricky Gervais, Rev - Starring: Tom Hollander, Olivia Colman



[On his two cats] "Eighteen months ago, I'm saying: 'I don't want any rescue pets within one hundred yards of either of my residences. I'm sorry. I don't want some, like, tripod, abused animal.' I was adamantly opposed to the whole idea. And now I couldn't imagine living without them. I've become one of those people where the Missus is like: 'They don't want to see iPhone pictures of our kittens right now. Stop it.'"
- Robert Downey, Jr



"I went through my high school year book recently. I was surprised people wrote I had a good sense of humour. I don't remember being funny."
- Kristen Wiig


1. Getting to university. I don’t mean moving away or grades or anything, I mean finally getting to university and realizing that things happen when you make them happen. I’m genuinely looking forward to getting back down to Falmouth and getting back into all the things I’ve started.

2. Getting my maths GCSE. I finally have a C, and though it might not be the most impressive thing in the world I’m certainly proud of myself for getting it together and taking the exam. The pressure is off and it feels great.

3. Getting back into football. I am secretary of the women’s football team at Tremough and have made it clear that I take the game seriously. I can’t wait to start playing matches and scoring goals.

4. Mallorca with the family. A really good two weeks of sun and relaxation. For the most part!

5. Being friendly and reliable at work. Though it might not be the most glamorous job in the world, it did make me feel good to know that people would come into the shop just to see me. A regular came to my leaving drinks before university, what more do I need to say?

6. Chillin’ with my buddies. Particularly poignant in the year we were scattered across the country. Whether it involves parties, cheesy chips, Doctor Who or birthdays, I love you dudes, I really do.

Targets For 2012:

1. Find a nice, three-bedroom house in Penryn with Natalie and Bryony.

2. Score a hat trick during a football match.

3. Pass my shorthand exam.

4. Finish the year with a 2.1 (or above would be nice. I’m being practical).

5. Go/travel somewhere.

6. Get work experience in journalism.

Monday, December 26, 2011

First of all, apologies for not blogging since the 1st of this month. I had planned to do a couple of entries over the course of the last few weeks but being at home and having my own bed and the Xbox and food and sofas and general Christmas shenanigans meant that I haven't sat down and put any thought or effort into writing.

Christmas is over and done with for another year. I had a really good one, did you? I got just about everything I wanted and then some. Highlights include Bridesmaids on DVD, a fantastic furry hat with paw extensions and ears, a pen knife, a book all about fonts and a brand new Carlisle shirt that I can't wait to wear next term at training. And under my kit for good luck, of course.

My only disappointment came in the form of Doctor Who, and I can't tell you how rubbish I feel saying that. I thought it was a bit flat and the story was just rushed. I don't know. Maybe I need to watch it again. I didn't find it particularly funny (unlike dad, who laughed hysterically through the whole Lily/Cyril's room bit) or sad either, to be honest. Move on Jane, move on. This is blasphemy. I was genuinely grinning at the end though, with Amy and the Doctor. That was nice.

Anyway my next blog will be focusing on the last year and what happened and what I hope to happen next year. That should do it.

What did you get?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December 1st, and this is an obligatory 'it's December 1st' post.

When I bought this advent calendar in ASDA, the conversation with the checkout man went like this:

Man: "Is that Peppa Pig calendar yours?"
Me: "If I say yes, will you judge me?"
Man: "No. I love Peppa Pig. I'd have got the exact same one."

Anyway I opened the first window whilst listening to a certain Mariah Carey Christmas classic on the radio so I'm feeling pretty festive this morning. I also just downloaded the Love Actually soundtrack.