Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Secrets

(bloody bloody copyright, bahhh)
Last night, I decided to spend nearly three hours or so (maybe it was that, I wasn't keeping count) sitting in the kitchen by myself, not talking to anyone and with my headphones plugged into my laptop. Why? Because it was the Doctor Who Prom last night!

I'm listening to it again now, and I have to say it really is utterly brilliant. The music composed by Murray Gold was fantastic, as usual, and I honestly don't know how he manages to capture the characters and the excitement of the programme, but he does. And he does it well.

They played The Madman With A Box, An Untimely Arrival, I Am The Doctor, Battle In The Skies, Amy's Theme, Liz, Lizards, Vampires and Vincent, The Pandorica Suite and The Title Credits.

They also included some pieces from S3 and 4 - This Is Gallifrey and Song Of Freedom. The latter was very moving and a great way to end.

My favourite? Without a shadow of a doubt I Am The Doctor. It's exciting, fun, adrenaline pumping, heartbeat-racing brilliance. I'm saying brilliant a lot. But it is. It sums up the Eleventh Doctor so so well and when you hear it you just know something amazing is going to happen. They played the speech from The Pandorica Opens when he's speaking to the ships at Stonehenge over the top and it shouldn't have worked but it just did.

The best piece of Doctor Who music I think Murray Gold has produced thus far.

Find part one HERE and part two in the bar at the bottom. They filmed it for BBC3 to be shown later in the month/next month I think. Go listen now and enjoy it without the visual stuff, personally, I think it's even better this way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have not done a blog for ages.

Monday night was Anne's birthday party, and we all went to Nando's and had a good time, eating hummus and chicken and all sorts and giving presents and generally feeling bon about everything. Jess, of course, was absent as she's currently in Brazil so there was an empty chair. She was very polite and didn't take up any room and agreed to hold all the presents until we moved on over to Cross Keys for wine and pitchers. A good evening had by all, I think.

Assuming that Ma and Pa were back from their evening at the Tower of London I put the latch down on the front door, and just as I was drifting into a pleasant night's sleep I remembered that actually they weren't back yet, they were walking up the driveway and ringing on the doorbell asking what pillock locked the front door. Hello.

I had to cancel coffee with Caitlin today, which really annoyed me as I was very much looking forward to it. I woke up and my eyes were being weird and I had a headache and then my arm went dead and all tingly, quickly followed by my tongue. A quick Wiki search later this evening seems to have revealed I had a migraine. So I put my pyjamas back on and slipped back into bed for an hour or so until I felt a bit better. The rest of the day was rather wasted taking painkillers and watching TV, however, I did pop down to Morrisons etc. (on Laura's manic suggestion) to try and find a copy of the latest Doctor Who Magazine which I could not.

Here's to a slightly less painful rest of the week.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yesterday was a funny old day. Alex rang me on Wednesday night and asked me if I wanted to go with her and Elise to the iTunes festival at the Camden Roundhouse, to which I said 'yeah, should be cool'. So we got into London and had dinner at Alex's, before getting on the tube to our destination.

We were waiting around for a while outside, unsure of where to go. We tried going in through the front doors (as you would) but we were accosted by a film crew from a website who wanted to know how we felt about the gig (which was apparently opera by Rolando Villazon). We stood, said nothing much except 'err...' before Alex confessed we didn't really know what we were doing and the guys looked at us like we were morons before letting us go off and try and work out where to go.

Eventually, we did find where we were supposed to be, and we waited for about an hour until we were given wristbands and led to a bar area on the upper floor of the Roundhouse. Unsure of what was happening, the eighteen of us confused looking people found ourselves facing a TV set, i.e. two sofas, a glass coffee table, all lit and cameras pointing. We were told the presenters would be arriving soon so to relax a bit before going to stand on set behind the sofas.

By this point, words like 'live' and '1 hour' where being thrown about. Then Fearne Cotton and Dave Berry turned up, said hello to us and started rehearsing what would be the opening to the ITV2 show doing the live coverage. Elise, Alex and I were very excited. The show was going out live for an hour and Elise was fluffing her hair up like mad.

Then they said the guests were there, and I looked into the crowd behind the camera and saw Mark Ronson, at which point I got even more excited. His hair is even cooler in real life. Actually, he was just the epitome of cool full stop. And he was sitting barely a metre and a half away. The second guest was Ashley Banjo from Diversity, who was very tall, very nice and very good looking.

You can find the video on ITV Player HERE, we're standing near the back on the left hand side, I'm in blue, Elise in pink and Alex in a grey vest. What a cool night, and good experience for me as Alex so rightly pointed out. Fab fab fab.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, hello world. I'm back from Corfu. In fact, I've been back from Corfu since Monday but I've only just got round to doing an 'I'M BACK FROM CORFU' post. Hello.

First things first, Corfu was excellent. I had a fab time and I'm brown and feeling happy about my friends and the fact that they're all really rather awesome. My highlights included swimming in the sea, drinking Greek coffee and having an in-depth discussion about what on Earth a 'Clunge Bucket' is. To name a few.

Spain won the World Cup. I didn't actually get to see the final but I'm glad of this in retrospect as when I got back, I watched the highlights and literally cried with joy. Fantastic. Viva La Furia Roja.

I have a growing list of things I need to do (some urgent, some not) and the next few weeks seem to be a little busy for me in terms of meals, dentists, haircuts and Dark Star's birthday.

Hello. It's nice to be back.

Saturday, July 3, 2010





Thursday, July 1, 2010


Leaver's Ball was actually really, really good. I had a great time. My feet did not. Although initially being hesitant, there was dancing going on (including some Time Lord dancing a la The Big Bang) and lots of shouting over loud music and good drinks and excellent and very pretty people to talk to.

As Anne's dad said, we do scrub up nicely.