Saturday, January 31, 2009

WARNING! - Serious hotness follows!

Shot of Heroes guys (including Milo and Adrian - yum!) and then Milo looking LUSH. That picture is my new desktop background because...well...wouldn't you? Look at him! All tousled and sporty and.....*dies*

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey, guess what? It's Friday!

The end of the week is here, at last, and I am pretty much okay as far as things go. I got my t-shirt from Laura today, and I think I am ordering my camera at some point between now and tomorrow evening (hopefully) so I'll get a picture up of it when I can. I'm dead excited!

Oh yeah, Primeval Series 3 is APPARENTLY set to begin on Saturday 14th February!!

We did Heroes in media today, you can only imagine my excitement. I got slightly irritated at a lot of the points being made, and many of the facts, characters and abilities being stated wrongly. But whatever, I guess my class just aren't as obsessed as I am. It's a healthy obsession. It's good for me. And if it can make me get a good grade in media, then fantastic eh?! I have to do a 45 second presentation on the character of Sylar. I cannot fit everything about him into 45 seconds, there is just too much stuff! He is one badass motherfuckerr!

And speaking of badass mothefuckers:


Yay! Muchos love to you!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey hey, I'm still alive. Just.

I got home and there was a letter from my mum's Godmother waiting for me. When I was reading it, I got a bit teary eyed, even though I've only met her twice, she was the most loveliest woman and at the end of the letter she said 'Maybe you will all manage to visit me again - one of these days'. The thing is I think we all know deep down that it won't happen, which really upsets me.

To cheer myself up, I browsed livejournal for a bit, and came across behind the scenes photo's from the Heroes promos that will be shown during the superbowl on Sunday. I don't think I really need to point out the fact they all look amazing. And Milo with the black marks under his eyes, and the way Adrian fills out his kit? Blimes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just a quick post to say, I am about to die of exhaustion.
And I have my worst day of the week tomorrow. Yay.
It's been great.

Ha, awesome ♥

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ok, so one my many New Years resolutions was to keep a diary. Which I am doing. But you know, I can't really stick pictures and the like in it because A, I hate cutting things out of magazines and B, I don't have a pritt stick.

Hopefully I'm going to by a camera soon with my combined birthday and Christmas money. If it all goes to plan, I should be getting a Canon Ixus 80. So, erm, I could be putting pictures up on here. It depends on whether I decide livejournal is the sex or not.

I've started about a billion of these, and always stopped them because I couldn't be bothered to keep going with them - but I will stick with this one.

In other news, my cat's breath HONKS. And I mean seriously. She currently sits and sleeps right next to me in bed and she enjoys waking me up in the morning with a nice wash. And you thought you had bad morning breath, yeesh.


Introduce yourself: Jane Eden Jardine, 17, St Albans, England, bla bla blaaaa
Who is your favourite hero (or villain)?: Peter Petrelli is no. 1! or Nathan, or Sylar, or Elle, or Hiro, or Daphne, or Matt, get the picture.
Who is your least favourite?: Bob Bishop or Eric Doyle.
Do you have a favourite pairing?: Sylar/Elle! know...
What about a least favourite?: Peter/Caitlin. wtf.
What super power would you want most, (Peter's doesn't count!)?: Nathan's (flight) or Hiro's (space/time manipulation). To be honest, I'd settle for any except Sylar's. Or any other evil one.
Powers are pretty awesome, but you don't need a power to be a hero. Give the powerless heroes some love: Mohinder before he got impatient. Oh and Ando for the same reason.
So, who do you think is really in charge of the company?: MR MUGGLES, DEFFO.

Yay. Now I shall write in my actual diary.
Then sleep.