Sunday, May 31, 2009

Omg, I want this hat so so so much!
It's £12.99 at Uni-Qlo, which is numero uno on my summer shopping hit list. There are so many clothes in there I want, it's unreal. Polo shirts, jeans, t-shirts...the list is endless.

Anyhoo, just letting you all know that I have super tan lines on my arms but not my legs. Which is annoying because I have my top laid out for the exam tomorrow and I don't think it's going to cover the line. But we got free nando's and ice cream (not together, obvs.) and I got paid so I'm nearly there when it comes to iPod Touch sexy time.

Revision for Media has gone pretty well. My example for the enigma code in narrative is Life on Mars, so I have a real reason to think about the Gene Genie tomorrow, instead of the usual, you know, gratuitous day dreaming. But otherwise I think I'm there, and I know where the hut is, so that's cool.

Not much left to say except for I hope you all had nice half terms, caught the sun and are excited about the summer!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wow. No blogs for a while, eh? Well, a while for me anyway.

So tomorrow I'm working on the climbing wall at the St Albans City Youth 6-a-Side. Which should be fun, especially if the weather holds up. It's gonna be super super busy though, so I'm prepping my fingers for major harness and helmet tightening.

As far as Media revision goes, I'm pretty confident on the key concepts (F.A.I.R) and that's all of 1a. Hopefully we will get a decent moving image text, like a trailer because there is always plenty to analyse. For 1b, I need to go over some of my notes on websites and print, but I'm quietly sure that I'm going to do well. As a fan of both Heroes and Doctor Who, it shouldn't be too difficult to show a good level of detail where cross-text analysis goes, and I know most of the episodes back to front anyway. Being a fangirl sure has it's up sides.

I've also decided that I would very much like a garden shed. It would be awesome, and painted cream and pale green on the inside. There would be a hammock, and a shelving and table unit on one side for my laptop, DVD's, and books. And lot's of funky gadgets and stuff. Chances of this happening are uber slim, but I can pretend.

Also, I well want to go sailing! I've been watching Adrian Pasdar's new videos on his youtube account, and I think it would be cool. I've done a bit before, but I've always veered more towards kayaking when it came down to it. Perhaps it's because the last time I tried sailing I got hit in the back on the head by the boom. It doesn't matter, it was still pretty awesome and I'd like to do it again. Katie, you are lucky!

So, yeah. Hope y'all are doing okay.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'd just like to apologise for the constant layout changing. The thing is, I'll settle for one, and then find a new colour scheme that I love and have to change it all over again. I know it's probably irritating but until I settle on one I really really like, then editing will continue.

Just think of it as 'under construction'. I think grey and pink look good together so I'm going to settle for this one (hopefully) for a while and see how it goes.

Also - Laura, I immediately thought of you at this bit in Ashes to Ashes last night lol:

Alex: 'You know, you forget don't you sometimes, how beautiful London can be. The architecture, the canals...'
Gene: 'Dead body floating along.'
Alex: 'You really have no poetry in your soul do you?'
Gene: 'No, that dead body there, look.'

Why why why why are you so friggin' gorgeous looking?

These are new ones btw. Seems he's everywhere at the moment, which of course, is a wonderful thing.

I'm watching Scrubs and then probably back on to Borat which Neil and I have half started. In front of me is a big tub of hot and spicy chicken wings because they were on offer in Morrisons and they taste so damn good, although they stain my fingers orange.

I need to find some 80's clothing for Thursday and maybe have a bath and do some revision and lol about the fact that something good might happen that for a couple of moments might actually distract me from the bad stuff.

Yum yum chicken and RDJ and I'm sorted, ♥

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh hiii RDJ, haven't seen you out and about for a while -

And screw the haters, I love his outfit. He's such a sexy mo' fo.

This is a silly and quick post to say hi, post RDJ and lol at all the great lines in Ashes to Ashes tonight.

Over and out, ♥

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just like Caitlin, I'm posting an early morning blog as well (it's 8:38).

I'm ready to go to Redbourn and then on to Milton Keynes to work on a portable climbing wall with my friend Megan and the guy who owns it, Nish. This usually means I get free goes on it all day, occasionally we get free food (depends who's organising) and I also get £30.

Not too shabby.

Happy Birthday, Neil!

See you all later when I'm rich and sunned.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welllll this is crap. My headphones have broken AGAIN.

So...I guess I'll have to drop all the plans I had for tonight, and just...err...go to bed?

Anyway, new gif. over in the about me bit.

And I'll go back to moaning and generally being in a bad mood.
Vlog #3 is here!
I don't actually speak in this one, but I love the song and I spent ages making everything match up.

And lol at the fact I'm wearing shorts and I never wear shorts and I actually quite like my hair the way it is here because it looks nicer than whatever I do to it usually.

A Day In The Life. from Jane Jardine on Vimeo.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinner is going to be interesting.

I made a sauce thing to go with rice and all I had to make it with was an onion, some peeled plum tomatoes and some chicken. It actually looks and smells pretty good but I added a generous slosh of Lea and Perrins and then accidently put too much chilli powder in it so it's got a bit of a kick.

Anyway, I'll probably tell you later if I've burnt my tongue out.

I got my Media coursework marks back, and I'm pretty happy. 51 out of 60 on video production and then 49 out of 50 on print production. My total mark with everything counted (evaluation and stuff) is 63 out of 80, which is pretty alright. Anyway I'm looking at a B/A for my final grade.

So tonight I'm drinking fizz with Mutti and Vati, eating my too spicy dinner and chilling out.

Bye! ♥

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm not in the best of moods. Surprise, surprise I hear you shout.

Hmph. Although my day was pretty productive, I feel drained, literally and emotionally.

I went shopping with Laura and Anne and I got two v-necked t-shirts and a vest top in M&S and I just showed Mum and she goes 'a 16?'. So thanks. Yes. I am. That's why I'm on this flaming diet in the first place.

Anyway, we inspired some school girls to make shaped ice cubes and drank coffee and pondered how despite being nothing like our 'type', Gene Hunt/Philip Glenister still makes us go wibbly legged when he's on the front cover of a book.

I am tired, and I need a bath and I need to work out why in poo-perfect hell I spend most of my life wasting my time on things which will never bloody work or stay the way you want them to.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sherlock Holmes Trailer!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

This blog will cover the topics of diets, TYC, fashion sense and revision.
For the majority, it will be a bitching and moaning post.

Specifically the one I'm now on. Which isn't really a proper diet, more like no snacking and occasional excercise and proper meals. Perhaps this blog post will be a whingefest due to the fact I am lacking in sugar stimulation. Whatever it is, I am extremely low in patience and my anxiety levels appear to have gone up a grade and this overwhelming desire just to lie down and do nothing has become an issue.

So today, I have eaten (in this order): a bowl of cornflakes with a banana on top with semi skimmed milk and a glass of orange juice for breakfast, a small apple, a cherry tomato and glass of lemonade for lunch, a slice of spanish omelette with salad before TYC, and then a bowl of leek and potato soup with one piece of bread for dinner. Also, I drank two mugs of coffee because I was going to crash without them.

Hopefully tomorrow I will gain some kind of urge to go out and run somewhere or do something productive.
Most likely though, this won't happen.

There was a time when Trestle was a place for the educated, dedicated, drama loving youth of St Albans. Apparently that's all gone down the crapper. I'm all for fairness and giving people a chance, but it's ridiculous.

They're letting anyone in. Why, for example, has Elizabeth Cload-Prout returned? In all her irritating and generally freakish and unnatural behaviour? You could keep the fields of England blooming with roses for all of eternity with all the bullshit she spews like she has Zac Efron's (urgh) phone number and knows him personally, and that her mum worked as a makeup artist on the LOTR and Harry Potter films (wtf? everyone knows her lesbian mums own that crap Party On Down shop that's actually shut on Hatfield Road).

And please, God, don't get me started on Steven Ball. Apparently having a gobshite brother like Matthew Ball means he has to try and be an even bigger asshole gobshite, and show as many people as possible how big an idiot he can be in the space of 2 hours. If I had a face like his, I'd have bigger things to worry about. In between insulting pretty much everyone in the room, answering his phone like a badman (because no one else in the world has ever recieved a text before?!), and generally looking like the elephant man - he and Elizabeth have formed the duo who make the thesps and probably everyone else, want to quit the group.

Fashion Sense:
Are chequered shirts out of fashion? Because in the Guardian Weekend magazine, there is a woman wearing a really nice one from Zara (just under £20) and I really, really want it. I don't want to look like a twat buying it.

I have come to realise that for most of the time, I dress like a five year old boy. Which hasn't bothered me in the past, but recently I'm feeling the pressure to actually dress like my age. Where do I start? I'm sick of my hair; I need to do something, anything with it. My makeup is the same everyday. I only ever wear trainers, jeans and a t-shirt. Occasionally I'll throw a shirt on over the top, but when ever I've had the choice I never try and intentionally dress nice. I'll dress nice for a meal, but even then it's dark jeans and a plain t-shirt.

Crap crap crap crap. At least my pink converse are nice.


I sort of memorised my AO's (what help they are going to be, I don't know) and did half a mind map for the Ancient Mariner. It's said Mariner and Hardy I'm most worried about. I'm just kinda hoping we get a question on journeys or language because they should be alright to do.

I'm going to recommend a song - Change Order by Jaydiohead (, and now I'm going to browse internetland and go to bed.

Also, adding to my pants mood is the news that the Sherlock Holmes trailer won't be released for at least another day. Petty, really, but I need my fix and this movie is going to be awesome.

G'night, ♥

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I haven't blogged since Thursday?! Oh dear.

I guess I haven't really had much to talk about. I still don't.

I was going to do a vlog but nothing spectacular has happened and as a result it's too late for me to start one now. I attempted a little bit of revision for English. It didn't go well. I wrote a couple of lines and then gave up and watched the Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen, which I suppose highlights the major points in the book...

The thing with English is that you can never really prepare fully for what the question is going to be. I'm doing the Mariner for the first part, and then The Kite Runner, Pride and Prejudice and Thomas Hardy poems for part two. I know The Kite Runner pretty well, P&P alright-ish, and Hardy's poems are all the same anyway. Mariner is so-so, not really sure what's going on there. I thought the 'hermit' was a crab, and my copy of the poem is littered with quotes like: I CANNOT GET UP THESE GOD DAMN STAIRS SMOOTHLY!

Which makes me LOL rather than learn.

In other news, I've become slightly obsessed with Coldplay and Jaydiohead, got some new pink converse, read a really good piece of fanfic last night and I'm about to make a list of things I need to get when I go to town on Thursday. Hopefully.

S'laters, ♥

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hi hi. I'm having a good day.

I've written my Media essay, I'm excited about Portugal this year in a major stylee way, and I just got my first email from GOOP! (google it bbz)

Anyway, I'm now going to write you a playlist that I think you should listen to when you have the time, and then write one you think is better!

1. The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins.
2. L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever) by Kasabian.
3. Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan.
4. You Really Got Me by The Kinks.
5. Oh Yeah by The Subways.
6. Paper Planes by M.I.A.
7. Funky Kingston by Toots and the Maytals.
8. Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder.
9. Satin Chic by Goldfrapp.
10. Hell Above Water by Curve.
11. Sherry Darling by Bruce Springsteen.

Your thoughts? Favourites? Cool.

I wish I had a cool touch blue funky keyboard like Tony Stark does.

Talk about Hand!Porn, Lorddddd.

Instead, I guess I'll be using the traditional keyboard like everyone else does to write my Media essay. I decided on 'Media Texts Often Repeat Popular Formulas. Give Detailed Examples Of This Practice From Your Case Study and Evaluate The Appeal Of Repetition To Producers and Audiences.' Joy of joys, can't wait to get started.

I might pop to town later depending on the weather, how much money I can find and if I have any effort at all.There are things I need to clear up...

Also, had a moment of panic this morning when my laptop failed to start as usual and did the same thing it did last time when the mainboard went screwey. The screen didn't go weird or anything but it jammed on the start up screen and went to black, then to the blue screen for restart thingy. It's working fine now though.

Please don't die on me BB.

Also, I want a new banner. Again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sorry to break the pattern guys, but seeing as I didn't have much time yesterday between being nervous, running around like a loon and generally getting irritated, I haven't got any footage of my prep. like Caitlin does.

Instead, here is a blog explaining some of the more memorable (for good and bad reasons) points of yesterday.

I woke up at eight-ish, and tried to not lose my head completely. I had a shower and got ready to go to school as Maddy had rung me up and we planned to do a Judas rehearsal before the afternoon duologues.

I walked to school, playing the soundtrack I had compiled specifically for the day - Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal, The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by The Smashing Pumpkins, The Long Way Around by The Dixie Chicks and Merchant of Death from the Iron Man OST - and arrived at school and rehearsed, but not successfully.

We got called into 60/61 (Drama studio) and had to set up chairs and stuff and it was pretty hectic and I got in a bad mood because, well, for many reasons, and couldn't relax during the relaxation excercises and when she said go and prepare for duologues I plugged in and had several blasts of Bonkers. Which kinda helped. Gradually people left, and returned looking a lot less stressed. Then we were called for our duologue.

In the end, it went alright. It wasn't our best performance. I seemed to forget I was supposed to be drunk, and it just lacked a bit of spark. Maddy said she slipped from her English accent into an American one; and the overall opinion from us both was that it could have gone a lot better.

But we didn't have time to mumble and grumble. Going back to the study area, we had an hour before The Children's Hour were on. We got changed and ready, and then had to go back to 60/61 for candidate number recordings, which were alright. By that point, I didn't really know what was going on so I wasn't as nervous of screwing it up as I was for GCSE. We then went for a final prop and set check, and let Laura start her presentation. I hope it went well.

We were called to the room where the examiner would meet us. She was a really nice woman (she clapped after everyone's monologues and duologues) and she wished us luck then went to take her seat. We stood in a circle, holding hands and wished each other good luck before walking in and performing our AS piece.

I think, for me, it couldn't have gone better. I got every line clearly, didn't forget anything, stood where I was supposed to and (hopefully) showed a clear differentiation between my two characters. We all gave it 100% and there were a few moments where an awkward silence occured, we got through it, and I don't think I've been more relieved to stand and take a bow before in my life.

The other groups were really good, some really fantastic performances from certain people. The night ended when Laura presented Mrs Rowlands with a handful of gifts and she kissed us both on the cheek. Aaarghhhh! It was weird. And I was exhausted. So I came home, had some soup and went to bed.

I really hope Caitlin, that yours went well, and you get a great grade because I'm sure you deserve it :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

I wake up everyday is a daydream,
Everything in my life ain’t what it seems,
I wake up just to go back to sleep,
I act real shallow but I’m in too deep,
And all I care about is sex and violence,
A heavy bass line is my kind of silence,
Everybody says I got to get a grip,
But I let sanity give me the slip.

Some people think I’m bonkers,
But I just think I’m free,
Man I’m just living my life,
There's nothing crazy about me,
Some people pay for thrills,
But I get mine for free,
Man I’m just living my life,
There's nothing crazy about me.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The video is not actually 8 minutes long. I just forgot to edit the end bit to cut off all the frames I don't need.

Which has made me quite irritated. BAH!

The Vlog I said I wasn't going to make but did. from Jane Jardine on Vimeo.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Introducing, the most boring video you will ever see.
This is a video blog, as promised on Twitter.

First Friday Video Blog. from Jane Jardine on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coolest frikkin' watch ever.

It doesn't work at all (currently reading 9:28 when it's actually 7:22), but it is just too damn cool.


I mean, I'd prefer it to be Iron Man...but you can't have everything.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So I was just munching away on a peanut butter kit kat (omfg, heaven in a chocolate bar) and I nearly spat it all out in shock as I came across NEW STILLS FROM THE SHERLOCK HOLMES MOVIE!





Jesus RDJ, what are you trying to do to me?

My excitement levels for this film have just surpassed critical level. Why isn't it boxing day already?!
It's going to be the best Christmas present ever.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Lord, today was bloody hard. It doesn't help that I'm already so tired that by the time I get home, my body is screaming at me to sit down, or it will fall down. My stupid twenty tonnes worth of school bag is cutting into my shoulder and with exams coming up it's all quite a crapfest.

Which is what's worrying me. Everyone is getting so hyped about the exams, but I just can't seem to convince myself that they are as important as everyone says they are. I know they are important, but when it comes down to it, I can't do anything about it. I'll be sitting in a lesson, like media this morning, and we'll be having the crap ripped out of us about how we are not applying ourselves, and I'll sit there nodding and going 'yeah, yeah, I'll get home and revise because I need to', and yet, the minute I get home - nothing.

Yesterday, I spent half an hour staring out of my window with the same song playing over and over.
I just got stuck and didn't want to move.

It's English I'm most worried about. I really need to get my head down and get work done. Handily, I have a plan to write for what I'm going to do tomorrow morning in English where we have to write an entire exam essay. Both parts. URGH.

Crap crap crap so screweddddd.

In other news, our full dress rehearsals actually went fairly well today. We still have to tweak a bit, sort a couple of things, but otherwise we are there and we all felt better for getting it done.

And I got a C on my media mock. Y'know when I said I thought I'd got at least 50? Yeah, I got 49.
C. And I'm trying to be positive and remind myself that it was without any revision. And it was one of (if not the) highest mark in the class, because Mr Allison got the head of 6th Form to come in and give us a bollocking. See above. Bah.

Right, my plan for the rest of the evening:

-Drink coffee,
-Write English plan,
-Listen to The Smashing Pumpkins,
-Write my diary,
-Get stuff ready for tomorrow,
-Go to bed.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm back from my weekend in Carlisle. Some of it was awesome and some of it alright and some of it just cool.
We travelled up on Saturday morning, and we were at Gma's at 11ish after exactly 5 hours, including breakfast in Tescos. We dumped stuff and then went in her car to the ground where everyone was assembling for the guided tour of Brunton Park. I didn't really know what to do at this point, there wasn't anyone for me to talk to so I just kinda stood there and ogled the place.

We went inside and stood in the trophy room which was cool and then we walked down the corridor which led into the changing room and this was one of the best bits of the weekend for me. All the shirts and kit were folded neatly around the room and they said we could walk round and take pictures. Neil told me to get a picture of Peter Murphy's shirt, because he's his favourite player (and rightly so, he's a legend). I got stupidly excited when I saw Danny Graham's shirt and went over to it and took a picture and touched it and wondered if he'd notice if it went missing. We left that room (reluctantly) and went across to the boot room, the medical room and the away changing rooms. We then got led down the tunnel, and out onto the pitch. We weren't allowed on the pitch itself, but we sat in the dugouts and got a feel from the managers point of view. We walked round the pitch and took pictures before going up to the sponsors lounge for lunch.

It took a while for lunch to come through, and during the couple of hours we spent in the lounge, we had guest visitors in the form of Jimmy Glass (a Carlisle United hero; the goalie who scored a goal in the last minute of a match which kept us in the league in 1999. Wiki him.), and Hughie McIlmoyle, who many consider to be one of Carlisle's greatest ever players. After lunch, we went and took our seats and watched the teams warm up and all that jazz. My presentation was shown several times over the period of the match, and it looked alright I think.

The match was fantastic. The weather was perfect, and Graham Kavanagh scored a screamer in the first half, followed by another great goal from Paul Thirlwell. We won 2-0 and everyone was ecstatic, although the joy was ruined slightly when the army of chavs in the unison stand decided to jump the barriers and swarm the pitch before the final whistle was blown. The players were screaming at them to get off the pitch, and when the whistle went, the pitch was completely invaded. The players did what I would have done and left the field as quickly as possible. Player of the Match went to Kavanagh, who came up to the lounge after the match to get his new watch as his prize.

After this, everyone seemed to just be waiting around. I was so tired, and not desperate to go for a meal. We did anyway and it was nice for the first hour, until Dad got drunk and I ended up trying to persuade a bunch of his friends that I didn't drop football because I got into boys like Dad had apparently told them. I got really quite pissed off at the fact they wouldn't believe me, and tried to tell them that they don't know me, so how could they possibly believe that. I ended up feeling pretty uncomfortable and I just wanted to go home.

This morning we got up and went to the training ground where the London Branch supporters football squad, PLUS Jimmy Glass (!) were playing the Norwiegan branch (?). They won 3-0 or something, Jimmy scoring most, or all, of the goals. I was busy trying not to freeze my baps off. And after that we went and grabbed some sandwiches and came home.

PICTURES. I did take like, one million, but here are some of the best:



Hughie McIlmoyle:

Jimmy Glass:




Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm so so so tired.

I had to be in school at 8:00am for a Children's Hour rehearsal, which quite frankly, was a teeny bit pointless for me because they did the last scene which I'm not even in. I put up some set with Laura and ran lines with Joe and did a quick run of the Gma scenes with Becca. Then it was actual drama time, and we had to go upstairs to perform in front of Mrs Rowlands. It didn't go as well as last week, we've lost a bit of the spark and I have no idea how.

Anyway, I was late for the minibus and had to flag it down by running into the road and waving my arms just like that bit in Jurassic Park where he runs out in front of the plane but is eaten by a dino. Except there was no dino, I just got on and went to Sandringham.

I got there super early and there was no one waiting outside the room but Mrs Lean turned up and let me in and we talked briefly and I admitted my reluctance to go in the 6th Form block because it's not what I do. People started turning up and I'd completely forgotten we had a mock but I got on with it, despite getting incredibly irritated by everyone talking and generally being distracting. I wrote for the entire time, my hand hurt so much but I wanted to see how much I could get done without any revision. The mark is out of 80, and I imagine I will have got at least 50. I hope anyway. If I haven't, serious attention needs to be given.

I walked home and I've just been listening to music and being slobby since.

I need to pack for the weekend, and have a bath and dinner and stuff. I'm just taking my two shoulder bags, one with clothes and one with makeup, hair stuff, my diary and chargers and that stuff. No laptop. Earplugs.

Most important things are my iPod, my camera, The Rules of Attraction, Empire and makeup. In that order.

And by the way - Mum, if you go into my room when I'm away, not only will I be furious but I will also never speak to you again or tell you anything and there is absolutely no way that I'm going to buy you a twix from town ever ever ever ever ever again. Thanks.

Goodbye internet.
*stares at the new Iron Man II picture*



(real post will be later; now I must concentrate on actually breathing.)