Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I understand the point of YouTube, but frankly I'm never going to be one to sit down and make videos and expect people to watch them etc. I like watching Vloggers but on the whole, I'll never be one. Nevertheless, YouTube is very important because where else would you go to watch cats hugging each other or episodes of Recess or interviews with Bradley Cooper in which he speaks fluent French (hoooo my God!!).

Occasionally a video comes along that is a real gamechanger.

This happened to me today. Storming straight into the list of my favourite YouTube videos of all time, behind Maru, Jurassic Park 'Hey', Cinema 2009, and Nike's 'Write The Future' is this masterpiece:

God knows what'll happen if someone makes me watch this after a few drinks. Watching it today I've already been screaming with hysterical laughter. Tim Berners-Lee would be proud of what we've achieved with his creation.

I like the buttery biscuit base. Peace out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ten Things To Look Out For (Spoiler Free As Promised):

1. A Twitter revolution.
2. Oswald freakin' Danes.
3. "Captain Jack Bollocks".
3. Ear muffs.
4. Ramblers.
5. The Severn Bridge meets the CIA.
6. "What if you detatch the head?".
7. Mother/daughter bickering about a diet of lard.
8. An old name is recycled.
9. Someone hurts their arm.
10. A rocket launcher on a Welsh beach.

As a side note, the episode was fantastic. I'm desperate to see episode two but it looks like we'll have to wait until after July 14th, the unconfirmed air date. It had pretty much everything we love about Torchwood (action, dark humour, Captain Jack) plus some new, great characters like Bill Pullman being a crazy, creeper, Lecter-like criminal which is definitley a reason to sit down and check out the show, even if nothing else tempts you. Which, frankly, is unlikely.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Today I was punched in the eye by Laura's cat. Hence the teeny tiny black eye. Granted it was probably my fault for sticking my face right near hers but still. Ouch. The day did not improve from here, it has to be said. Mother, I'd stop reading now. Please.

Lol haha willy
Lmao big spunky chode
Hmm motorboarding...

This was the point at which I, in bold, realised that I wasn't actually texting Laura, as I'd assumed, I was actually texting my BOSS. This would probably explain my confusion as to how Laura was texting me back whilst still playing LA Noire. Anyway I texted back with this:

Omg! Those were meant for my friend Laura!!! Now I'm embarrassed! Major apologies! x

And I got this in return:

Lol I just found it very funny! It's cool :) xx

Thank God for a good working relationship. I doubt the editor of The Guardian would find it as funny. Yikes.

This post has done nothing to quash the cat lady rumours. Not that there were any...

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Life, My Future (minus the American-ness).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hi. Let me tell you what is happening right now. I am sitting on my bed, writing this. I have eaten my toast and finished my mug of green tea. It's raining a lot. I am listening to the Arctic Monkey's new album Suck It And See because it came out today and I just bought it. Oh, and I have my first maths re-take this afternoon. So I'm going a little insane but weirdly I'm not as panicky as I was yesterday. This may or may not be a good thing.

Yeah, so I'm off at 12:30ish because I need to pick up a black pen in Morrisons (I am so organised, can you tell?) and then I get to the place which is a church so if I need to pray Jesus is close by. At 1:30 shit gets real and I do maths for an hour and a half before coming home and counting down the hours until Friday when I have my second one.

For those who don't know - I've never really been fantastic at maths. It's not that I don't want to learn it or anything, it's just some stuff I can't understand no matter how hard I try. I've definitely got more confidence now than when I did last time I did these exams and failed so that's nice. I can do an exercise over and over again and then someone will ask me a question and I will still not be able to give them the right answer. Luckily the first questions in these exams tend to be things like TELL THE TIME or WRITE 1,234 IN WORDS. So I don't know why I'm worried. I guess I just don't agree with exams very much but who does?

Also on Thursday I'm supposed to be working 9-3, which was originally 9-3:30 until I told my boss I have to be in London for an important thing which she obviously didn't believe but I have proof if she wants it that badly. I don't particularly want to work on Thursday. My exam starts at 8:30 on Friday morning and I want Thursday to go over stuff and revise. But no, I have to work and then get a train and I won't be home until 6ish by which time I really don't want to get into revision. When I made the point my exam is on Friday morning, my boss said "Well that's fine because you finish at 3". Yeah, and after that? Bahh. Totally the reason we used to have something called 'Study Leave'. Utter pooballs. All this is simply going to mean I'm going to be a panicking mess on Thursday all day and Friday morning is going to induce a meltdown.

Thanks a bunch Plimmons!